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Warner Bros. won the bidding war over several other studios in acquiring the rights to the film “Ready Player One.” The studio beat out the likes of Paramount to earn the rights to the yet to be published young-adult sci-fi novel, written by Ernie Cline. Just a day earlier Random House picked up the book rights to Cline’s manuscript.

“Player” combines a young teen protagonist and a virtual world in its story line. The story follows an outcast young teen who escapes from the harsh realities of his life by logging onto a virtual world known as Oasis. While in Oasis users can lead drastically different lives from those they experience in the real world. When the creator of Oasis dies, he leaves a vast fortune as the prize in a massive treasure hunt that takes place within his virtual world.

Producer Donald De Line, who is working on “Green Lantern,” will produce the project with Cline getting the first shot at writing the script for the film adaptation.

(Source:THR blog)

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