ELLIOT ALLAGASH By Simon Rich To Become A Movie

elliot allagash movie

Jason Reitman has secured the movie rights to the novel “Elliot Allagash” along with his Right of Way Films group. Reitman’s Right of Way Films was co-created with Indian Paintbrush, a production and financing group controlled by billionaire Steven Rales. Author Simon Rich penned the novel “Elliot Allagash.”

In Rich’s novel, which was published in May, readers are presented a satiric look at private schools and the excesses of the rich. The story follows a young boy who is the constant target of bullies and harassment in his school. Eventually he is offered guidance, of sorts, from another young man who enjoys getting drunk and looking for trouble.

Rich, who currently writes for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” will take a stab at adapting the novel for the big screen. While Reitman is set to produce the project it is unknown at this point if he will direct the film as well.

(Source: THR)

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