Ellie Kemper From THE OFFICE To Co-Write Novel

Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper—Erin, the Dunder-Mifflin receptionist on The Office—and her sister, Carrie, will write a humorous novel for Three Rivers Press. The book is due in 2012. According to the New York Times:

On Wednesday, the Three Rivers Press imprint of Crown Publishing said it had acquired the book, tentatively titled “Monday Sessions,” in which Ellie and Carrie Kemper chronicle a fictitious Manhattan psychiatrist named Dr. Amy Rice through her diary entries and patient files.

Asked in a telephone interview how long she and Carrie had this project up their sleeves, Ellie Kemper said: “Oh my gosh. Well, we’re not sure. We hope that it ends up coming out of our sleeves.”

The Kemper siblings are already used to working together at “The Office,” where Carrie recently joined as a staff writer, and occasionally writes lines that emerge from her sister’s mouth.

Another talented lady from The Office, Mindy Kaling, is also writing a book. Her collection of comedic essays will be out in 2011.

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