James Rollins’ THE SIGMA FORCE Series To Become A Movie Franchise

James Rollins

Producers Martha and Dino De Laurentiis has snagged the film rights to James Rollins’ thriller series “The Sigma Force.” Rollins’ series contains six books with the first having been released in 2004 and the most recent landed on the New York Times’ best seller list.

The series follows a group of “killer scientists” paired with military operatives who work at the U.S. Department of Defense’s top secret Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The group uses counterterrorism, research, and covert ops to investigate and secure scientific threats. De Laurentiis hopes to build upon the thrilling plots and complex characters of the novels to adapt the books into a film franchise.

A seventh book in the series is expected to be released in August and is entitled “The Devil Colony.” De Laurentiis is currently working on a remake of “Barbarella” and a big-screen adaptation of the TV series “MacGyver” for New Line Cinema.

(Source: THR Blog)

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  • SeeTeeDub

    So for all the Rollins fans out there…. how do they cast the common characters?

    Painter Crowe
    Gray Pierce
    Monk Kokkalis

    • http://www.daemonsbooks.com/author/kristen Kristen

      I could see Lou Diamond Phillips as Painter. For Gray, I kinda like Chris Pine. He’s a little younger than I picture Gray, but I think he would be good.

    • Brad

      I really like Karl Urban for Gray

      • RollinsFans

        I agree…Karl Urban is perfect as Gray (doom and Red verifies it)

        • Tjf227

          I honestly always thought Clive Owen would make a good commander pierce

  • Carissa Sanantonio

    Can’t wait for this! Congratulations, Mr James Rollins!