MIDNIGHT SUN on Hold Because Stephenie Meyer ‘Burned Out on Vampires’

Stephenie Meyer

Twilight fans anxious for Stephenie Meyer to finish writing Midnight Sun—a retelling of Twilight from Edward’s perspective—are just going to have to be patient.

Meyer recently granted an interview to four Twilight fan sites, and addressed the Midnight Sun issue. She says, “What’s true is that I’m really burned out on vampires. And, I don’t want to write it badly. So I want to wait until I’m excited about the material again, and I’m excited about Edward, and that it’s something that’s motivating.”

Meyer put the book on hold after the first part was leaked onto the Internet. But now that fans have had a taste of Midnight Sun, they are desperate for more. Meyer says in the interview that she gets asked about the book wherever she goes. She admits that part of the reason the project is on hold is her stubbornness.

Meyer: You know, I have my share of human stubbornness, and I have to tell you, it’s a little bit hard when people are like “This is the only thing you can do, and it’s the only thing we care about!” And, you’re kind of like a three year old, you want to be like “I’m gonna do what I wanna do!” Yah. “You’re not the boss of me!

I’m as anxious as anyone for Midnight Sun, but I can understand her reluctance to finish the project. Having her partial manuscript leaked online must have felt like such a violation. The good thing is that Meyer sounds open to finishing Midnight Sun eventually, and that’s good enough for me.

Are you anxious for Midnight Sun? Or are you willing to cut Stephenie Meyer some slack?

By the way, if you haven’t read the draft of Midnight Sun, it’s available on Stephenie Meyer’s website.

(Source: Twilight Series Theories)

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  • aleya mabry

    I feel that stephenie can do what ever she please and feels but I love her everything about the vampire idea I love it and she really did it with these books and movies she’s a hit

  • http://www.daemonsbooks.com Amie

    I would have preferred her to finish this over doing the Bree Tanner book. Boo.

  • Hollie Starke

    I cant wait till Midnight Sun is released, I wish Stephanie would just hurry up and finish the book. I dont know why she wrote The short second life of Bree Tanner When she could have been useing that time to write Midnight Sun. (Even though The short second life of Bree Tanner was a great book.)

    P.S. I love Robert Pattinson.

  • Natalia

    I fully understand that she must feel reluctant to finish the project, and that she has the full right to feel that way… It is only that I loved Midnight Sun above all the vampire series. Everything about the atmosphere, the language, the insight into characters is just so right that I hate to think this book may stop where it did…

  • alicewannabe

    Ohhh myyy Goddddd!!! I have read the draft of Midnight Sun and was absolutely blown away!!<3 I know Stephanie has a lot on her plate and some one with as much talent as she has,I know she could do much more things. However I hope she does finish Midnight Sun:) Stehanie has no earthly idea how much I live vicariously thru her Twilight Saga! I have all the books she has done, I have read my books repeatedly since I have gotten them.I hope to add this one to my collection as well! She is very talented and I hate that someone ripped her spirit about finishing this book.GGRRRRR People should keep their hands off of things that don't belong to them. They have no idea how much they knock the rest of us out of!!! Nor do they care.

  • baya

    i can’t wait for her to finish it! but, she needs to take her own time because that makes her all the more able to write a great book for her fans! Routing for her and her future projects they are all going to be great!

  • Jessica

    I completely understand her reasons for not continuing. I am just upset because I live in Twilight. Well, pretty much. I escape to books – and this one is so good I cant bear to leave it. When a book is over it is like a family dying. Of course this one can’t because they are immortal… I read Midnight Sun, or the first twelve chapters but since I can’t finish it, it causes it to have ended. As I said, to me that is like a whole family dying. Of course I know what happends as I have read Twilight, but Midnight Sun just lets me get to know Edward all the better. It’t like someone you care about just left without saying a word to you. That is how I felt when Midnight Sun stopped at chapter 12. I am sad and my thoughts still drift back to vampires and werewolves. Edward and Bella. Rosalie and Emmet. Jasper and Alice. Carlisle and Esme. Since all of Stephenie’s ideas are expressed through the mind and personality of her characters that makes you feel like your connected to them all the more. When Breaking Dawn came out and I finished reading it, I felt broken hearted. Like my life was over. It was in a way. I was living in Forks and then it was gone. That’s when I saw Midnight Sun, and I left my sorrow and read it. Now, I am sadder than ever. It really seems gone, over. I NEED her to finish it. Not just want her to. I am a huge fan of the twilight series and though I’m glad I know that she still plans on finishing it – some day – I am still upset. Some day doesn’t mean someday soon. She could never feel up to it again. Who knows? Nothing is for certain, and that’s for certain. Just think about how she was so excited about writing it to begin with. Then it was illegaly posted on the internet and now we have no Midnight Sun. How do we know that she’ll never write it again. She could easily start it again and something happens. She hears a negative remark on her first twelve chapters and it all goes awry. She decides not to finish it. I don’t know. I’m more worried than ever. I have researched things high and low to get more clarification, to hear something more solid on her answer to finishing Midnight Sun. The only thing that will make me sure for certain is a date. Not that it will come out. But a specific month maybe. A specific year. That she will work on it again. That way I will know that she has solid plans on working on it again. I am excited for it to come out, and hope for the best.
    Can’t wait, Edward’s view is a million times better than Bella’s, so much more information and insight.

  • Jessica

    I would love for her to finish Midnight Sun but also to continue about the Cullens! There is so much more I’m dying to know. Like Renesmee growing up. Who will she be with Jacob or Nahuel? What about the Volturi, will they come back and try to defeat the Cullens again? Also about Benjamin from the Egyptian coven, if he will become stronger and will he saty with Amun? I’d like to know more about Tanya and Kate. Kate and Garrett.
    More about the Denali coveN,how they lost their mother, what her reasons were from creating a immortal child and how she found Tanya, Kate and Irina why she created them and about their life together. How Carlisle met all of the vampieres mentioned in Twilight.
    What about Edward and Bella? How is their life after being married and watching Renesmee grow. Is Bella going to be able to remove her shield from her mind completely even with distractions? Will she discover more powers?
    Like Jessica Oct 25, 2010 | at 5:01 PM said I LIVE IN TWILIGHT!!! I just can’t imagine there not being more. Midnight Sun would be a start but I need more!!!

    I could go on and on and on but I assume everyone sees where I am going with this and I sincerly hope that this Midnight Sun will not be the last of Twilight and the Cullens!

  • Alex Lasen

    i hope stephinie will finish the book im so excited to read it. But she can go in her on pace and i’ll be fine but i wish she can hurry just a little bit. Oh i cant wait to read Midnight Sun
    ps im on team edward!

  • Alex Lasen

    i feel like im in forks like i know the place and know that stephinie might not finish Midnight Sun i was realy sad. i love that she wrote the book like your in it, it makes it feel more real. i can understand if she doesnt finish it but i hope so. she became my favorite aurthor and i want more of her. she is realy talented. twilight is like my life. now that she wrote the book about forks i want to live in forks because like i said i feel like i know the place.



    • Lisa

      So if you hate it so much, then why bother going to a site about this project? Are you looking for ways to be negative and put down other peoples talents? Maybe spend more time on other books and post positive comments on their websites, rather than throwing out insults on others. Constructive criticism is appropriate, not destructive criticism.

  • sara

    i know that she must feel violated, and upset, and watever else, but ive been waiting for this book to finish for two years, and i cant imagine waiting another two, just to be able to read it(i probably will tho). instead of working on bree tanners story, she should have finished midnight sun, because bree’s story isnt interesting in the least. ive probably read the midnight sun draft at least two rimes so far, and i never get sick of it, and ive been waiting in anticipation of the real thing for wayy too long. i really hope she feels up to the project again soon :(

  • Lisa

    After hearing so many negative remarks about the third hunger games series, I would hope that Stephenie takes her time with midnight sun. I think that Suzanne Collins was so pushed with getting it in under a deadline that it lost its magic and was just an okay book when compared to the first two. I don’t know anyone that has read them and hasn’t felt that way. With that being said, I think it is smart for her to take a break from midnight sun so she can revisit it when she has that desire and the push is internal and not external to finish it. I look forward to that book and will definitely pre-order it when it does come out. We all need a break, and creative breaks are important!

  • emily

    i agree but i hope it comes out soon!

  • emily

    im gonna cry and cry and cry if it doesnt end up coming out! I would do ANYTHING to live Bella’s life no matter how much danger it wouldput my life in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanna

    I want to say this to Stephenie. I myself have not read the “Midnight Sun” just because I feel that it was as said by Stephenie “not written right” So I would like her to at least look into giving the book a try. Please do not care what the haters will say about the book. I think you are a great writer and I know that many of your fans think the same. Remember this, you are writing the book for us. So please please give the book a chance.

  • monica pacholke

    I just wanted to say I didn’t know about the Twilight saga until the first movie was coming out. Quite honestly I hated the idea of a vampire love story. It took me a month before breaking down and watching it. Once I did I was hooked. Before New Moon came out in theaters I bought all four books and it took me three weeks to read them. I cried and laughed and have fallen in love with them now. I really hope someday you can finish Midnight Sun because I’m interested to see what happens. As a true fan from Yuma Az I WILL NOT read any new Twilight book until it comes fro you!

  • Machaelray

    “I am burned out on vampires” What the heck???? I mean really. She is so burned out she writes about Bree Freekin Tanner???????? WTF Stephanie…I think you are holding out because you can..just stretching your 15 minutes as far as you can because breaking dawn is the LAST movie. Me and my friends are really fixing to give up on you and your crap…and that quote..it is CRAP

  • emily

    i am goging to die if she does not finsh midnight sun. i think she is being a little selfish and stubborn if her books werent as good as they are now i would stop reading them because of this. PLEASE just finisn already!

  • Suri

    STephenie Meyer I understand completely, but I also want you to know that I need that book. Edward is the most captivating character I have ever read about, (rivaling Harry Potter). I want to know what he thinks and what he did and I hope that you won’t let one persons misjudgment take that away from me.

  • Casper818

    i understand why she wants to wait but i also cant wait for the book because the small portion i read i completely fell in love with but if waiting is what will help her to make the book better and be completely excited about what she writes i think she should wait…. but when she does write it and its published i hope to be one of the first proud owners of the book.

  • Jlo

    I’m so anxious bout the book! I would love to add it to my collection! But I do understand how she may feel and will have to wait till she’s ready to finish it! I just hope it’s soon now!