Kathy Griffin’s Mom, Maggie, Writes a Memoir

Maggie Griffin, and her ever-present glass of white wine, is a familiar figure on daughter Kathy’s show, My Life on the D-List. You usually get the impression that the ninety-year-old Maggie needs that boxed wine because she gets so exasperated with her outrageous and controversial daughter. Maggie’s fans will be happy to know that she has now written a memoir, Tip It!: The World According to Maggie. I think this is great news because, as I said in my review of Kathy Griffin’s memoir last year, my favorite parts of Official Book Club Selection were the stories about Maggie and her late husband, Johnny. They seem like they were a couple of characters and I can’t wait to find out more about them.

Here’s the publisher’s summary of Tip It!, which is available now.

Dear Readers,
There are at least five good reasons to Tip It! right now.

My daughter Kathy put out her memoir last year, which was real nice except for the controversial parts. And it got to be a #1 New York Times bestseller. Congratulations, Kathleen! But now it’s my turn. I’ve written my own book. I have things to say, too, without having to be all controversial like you were. Tip it!

People recognize me on the street a lot now and come over, nicely, and say “Maggie, you remind me of my own mother.” And they say “Maggie, I love your show”–referring to Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List as my show. Sometimes I correct them, I say, “Oh, it’s not my show.” But sometimes . . . I don’t correct them. It’s kind of fun being a star, isn’t it? Tip it!

If you want to know a few things about my daughter Kathleen that only a mother could know (How the heck did she get this way? Did she always swear so much, for Chrissake?), you have come to the right book. Tip it!

You know how a box of wine is never empty just because the spigot seems to have run dry? (There’s always a little more if you just tip it!) This book is like that. There’s so much in it–never-before-published Griffin family photos!, a love story (me and my dear departed husband Johnny), a whole guide to good living (including how to survive on what’s in your purse), and a lot of funny business in this book from Kathleen (she made comments in this book; readers, I was not able to stop her!). So take this book and Tip It!

And be sure to get the last drop out of living. Isn’t it nice that “Tip It” acts as a toast? I’m 90 years old, and I think “Tip It!” even works pretty well as a motto for living to the fullest. So, Tip It! today.

Maggie Griffin

A funny thing happened on the way to Kathy Griffin’s skyrocketing stardom. The more she told stories about her mother, Maggie, in her stand-up act and on her Emmy-winning television show, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, the more popular her mother became. (At the mere mention of Maggie, a stadium full of fans will cheer, “Tip It! Tip It!”)

Shocked by Kathy, exasperated by Kathy, grudgingly amused by Kathy, and at the end of the day, always a loving mother to Kathy, Maggie Griffin has become the darling Gracie to Kathy’s George Burns, the wry Cher to Kathy’s Sonny Bono, the spry, sweet Roadrunner to Kathy’s Wile E. Coyote.

Maggie Griffin grew up in Chicago, the youngest of sixteen children born to Irish immigrant parents. She met Johnny, the love of her life, in Chicago, started dating him after high school (while working at the Form Fit Bra factory in the returns department), and they fell in love and married during the War. Together they raised five children, the youngest a cutie named Kathleen, who never gave them a moment’s trouble throughout her childhood–though it’s been payback time ever since.

As Kathy’s comedy career took off, more and more stories of Maggie magically worked their way into Kathy’s routines. And as a regular on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, Maggie takes more guff from her daughter than any other mom on national television. Well, after having her life put on comic display by the loudmouthed redhead she fed, clothed, and cared for well into the comedian’s adulthood, Maggie finally has the floor, and she has some business to share with you.

So get out your Franzia, stir up some Hamburger Helper, and dive into the world according to Maggie.

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