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MY NAME IS MEMORY by Ann Brashares [Review]

My Name is Memory is the first book in a new series written by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants author Ann Brashares. It’s the epic love story of Daniel and Sophia, a relationship that first began over a thousand years ago when he killed her. Not a great way to start things off, but he is horrified by what he has done and it still haunts him all these year later. Since that first meeting, their souls have been reincarnated into many different bodies, however only Daniel is gifted (or cursed?) with the memories of each life and the ability to recognize familiar souls in new bodies. The unlucky lovers are drawn to each other in each life, but it’s never quite the right time for them—until now. In the present day, Daniel and Sophia (aka Lucy) are both in high school, and Lucy is inexplicably drawn to Daniel, who is trying to play it cool and not scare her off with his intense feelings. What Daniel doesn’t know is that an old enemy from his past has returned, and is looking for revenge.

My Name is Memory is a touching story of love and heartbreak, but it’s also an exciting thriller that takes place throughout history. It’s a little bit like Twilight—with some The Time Traveler’s Wife thrown in—and Daniel is a fascinating character that rivals Edward as a romantic hero. Sure he’s a little broody, but I loved reading about his many lives and experiences in different centuries. I also loved the use of reincarnation as a way to tell the story of Daniel and Sophia because Brashares makes plausible without getting bogged down in any religious aspects. The way she presents the idea of reincarnation is fascinating, and had me wondering “what if” type questions throughout the book.

To me, My Name is Memory is the perfect book to read at the beach this summer. It has romance, action, plus it poses interesting questions about life and death without being overly dark or depressing. One warning: it ends on a cliffhanger and it could be a while before we get the next book in the series, which is more than a little frustrating.

While My Name is Memory is billed as an adult novel, I don’t think it’s written at a level you would normally expect from an adult novel. But with its mature themes and a sexy scene or two, it’s not quite YA either. I’d recommend it to older teens and adults who like YA books like Twilight. The movie rights to My Name is Memory have already been sold, and I can easily see Daniel and Lucy/Sophia becoming the new Edward and Bella.

Quotes from My Name is Memory:

I have lived more than a thousand years. I have died countless times. I forget precisely how many times. My memory is an extraordinary thing, but it is not perfect. I am human.

I have fallen in love, and she is the one who endures. I killed her once and died for her many times and I still have nothing to show for it. I always search for her; I always remember her. I carry the hope that someday she will remember me.

There was a burst of enthusiasm for recycling every so often, but it usually didn’t extend to the heart or the mind. It was usually limited to tires or bottles. He was pro-recycling, all right. What if people knew they were recycled? Would that change anything?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Penguin | Pages: 336 | Source: Purchased | Buy on Amazon [2]