RECKLESS ROAD: GUNS N’ ROSES And The MAKING Of APPETITE For DESTRUCTION by Marc Canter and Jason Porath [Review]

Reckless Vook recently released an outstanding version of Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses And The Making Of Appetite For Destruction by Marc Canter and Jason Porath.

What makes a Vook different than a regular book is that it’s an ebook that is viewed online via your PC, iPhone, or iPad and contains videos. This particular ‘Vook’ contains 17 short videos that add up to over 40 minutes worth of interviews and photographs from the band and people close to the band including old managers, producers and individuals they worked with at Geffen Records.

The author of the book, Marc Canter, is a childhood friend of Slash and basically followed the band from the beginning when they were just playing parties. He kept nearly ever flyer, photo, concert ticket, poster, etc from the very start of the band’s career and on through their rise to stardom. What I liked a lot about Reckless Road is that Canter gives you an honest look into the making of one of the biggest rock albums of all time.By listening to Canter’s interviews and reading his accounts of what happened during the days leading up to the release of “Appetite For Destruction” you get the feeling that this isn’t a guy trying to ride the coattails of a big rock band, but rather a sincere friend of the group that was sober and responsible enough to document their amazing ride. Reckless Road doesn’t spend too much time glamorizing those early days of the band, which I was glad of. That’s a story that almost every band has already released and quite frankly I’m tired of. This Vook is more unique in that it’s just an honest account of what happened, minus all the Hollywood fluff.

The only part that I thought was a bummer was that Axl Rose wasn’t in the interviews. He’s been estranged from the band for a long time so it wasn’t like I was expecting it, but it would have been great to hear his perspective. Despite the separation between Axl and the rest of GNR, there wasn’t any evident animosity in Reckless Road which I also found refreshing for a rock band.

Watching and reading the Reckless Road book made me wish Vooks had been around when I was in my teens; I would have gobbled up everyone that was done for my favorite bands. Watching Reckless Road was the ultimate fan experience: videos, print, photos, and best of all it only took me a couple hours to get through it all. This was my first Vook experience and I think this release is an easy way to ease yourself into the concept. A band bio book with videos and pictures just seems to make perfect sense.

I’m not a Guns N’ Roses expert by any means, just a regular person that has enjoyed their albums over the years. For me, Reckless Road was an enjoyable experience. I recommend this Vook to anybody that is fan of rock and roll.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Vook | Source: Publisher

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