James Patterson Sets eBooks Sales Record

Prolific author James Patterson has sold more ebooks than any other author. This according to his publisher, Hachette Book Group, who claim he has sold over 1 million ebooks—a new record. There is no independent data on ebook sales, so this is based on Hachette’s own numbers.

According to TheBookseller.com, Patterson had this to say about ebooks:

“Things have really changed in the digital space. With more and more people reading on iPads, Kindles, and Nooks, taking time to create interesting, user-friendly, enhanced ebook editions is becoming more and more important. And if e-books get people who might otherwise not be reading to pick up a book, then that makes me happy.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Patterson’s launch of a new international book franchise called Private. With over 1 million ebooks and over 205 million print books sold, it seems that the international book market is the only thing left for Patterson to conquer.

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