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50th Anniversary of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the publication of To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Collins is asking bloggers and reviewers to talk about their thoughts and memories of reading Harper Lee’s masterpiece.

I first read To Kill A Mockingbird in high school for English class, and it became one of my favorite books, always holding a special place in my heart. I couldn’t really identify with the children in the story (Scout is an 8 year old girl, her older brother Jem was annoying, and Dill was weird), but I loved Atticus, the father of the family. Atticus, with his integrity and willingness to fight an injustice, reminded me of my father.

Actually, during one of key parts of the book, when Atticus kills the rabid dog, I actually thought it was cool that he knew how to shoot a rifle, and it wasn’t until I was older and reread the book that I understood the importance of that act and why Atticus was reluctant to shoot the weapon.

My other favorite part of the book was Atticus’ closing statements during Tom’s trial (recreated beautifully by Gregory Peck in the movie version), such a strong, amazing speech that only increases the power of the climax of the book. If you have not read To Kill A Mockingbird [2], please do so soon, it is an American treasure and a book all of us should read once in our lifetime.

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