Sony Joins eReader Price War, Drops Price On Daily, Touch, and Pocket Editions

Publisher’s Weekly reports that while the US was celebrating its independence over the July 4th weekend, Sony was silently reducing prices on it’s line of e-readers. The high end Daily Edition was dropped by $50 to $299, the mid-range Touch Edition $30 to $169, and the least expensive model, the Pocket Edition, by $20 to $149. This lines up the pricing on the Pocket Edition to be more in line with Barnes & Nobles’ nook, Amazon’s Kindle, and Borders’ Kobo devices, which seems to be the new competitive pricing level for e-readers. The price reduction on the Daily Edition makes it a nice competitor to the Graphite version of the Kindle DX, but both suffer from being an expensive, plain black and white e-ink reader at a price point close enough the low-end iPads that consumers may balk at buying them.

With another competitor dropping their e-reader prices to the $150 price point, there seems to now be consensus in the market on what the consumer is willing to pay for the e-ink type readers. The one interesting nugget in the Publisher’s Weekly article was that Copia Interactive will be releasing a line of e-readers, with one having a price point of $99. If this device does come to market at the announced price, it could truly signal the transition of e-readers to a full mass-market product (meaning everyone is open to purchasing one) from its current early mass market standing (where only those looking for a new way to read books consider e-readers).

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