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Sony Joins eReader Price War, Drops Price On Daily, Touch, and Pocket Editions

Publisher’s Weekly [2] reports that while the US was celebrating its independence over the July 4th weekend, Sony was silently reducing prices [3] on it’s line of e-readers. The high end Daily Edition was dropped by $50 to $299, the mid-range Touch Edition $30 to $169, and the least expensive model, the Pocket Edition, by $20 to $149. This lines up the pricing on the Pocket Edition to be more in line with Barnes & Nobles’ nook, Amazon’s Kindle, and Borders’ Kobo devices, which seems to be the new competitive pricing level for e-readers. The price reduction on the Daily Edition makes it a nice competitor to the Graphite version of the Kindle DX [4], but both suffer from being an expensive, plain black and white e-ink reader at a price point close enough the low-end iPads that consumers may balk at buying them.

With another competitor dropping their e-reader prices to the $150 price point, there seems to now be consensus in the market on what the consumer is willing to pay for the e-ink type readers. The one interesting nugget in the Publisher’s Weekly article was that Copia Interactive [5] will be releasing a line of e-readers, with one having a price point of $99. If this device does come to market at the announced price, it could truly signal the transition of e-readers to a full mass-market product (meaning everyone is open to purchasing one) from its current early mass market standing (where only those looking for a new way to read books consider e-readers).

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