Book Deal For “Sh*t My Kids Ruined” Blog

The Tumblr blog Sh*t My Kids Ruined (tagline: “The Strongest Visual Birth Control on the Market Today”) has landed a book deal with Villard. According to Publisher’s Weekly, “The book, by Julie Haas Brophy, will feature photos and stories of children destroying everything from windows to VCRs to their parents’ physique. The book, like the blog, will aim to offer a cathartic way for parents to laugh through, and off, the frustrations of child-rearing.”

The blog relies on its readers to submit photos of all the various things their children have destroyed. They say, “We want to know about the sh*t your kids ruined. 
Perhaps your couch? Your TV? Your marriage? Your dreams? 

CONTRIBUTE. It’s therapeutic.”

I browsed through some of the images of destroyed cell phones, laptops, TVs, and furniture, and I was horrified, but strangely transfixed. It’s like a train wreck and you can’t look away. How can people so small be so destructive?

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