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Book on President Warren Harding To Be Made Into A Movie

Warren Harding

The 1980 book from Charles L. Mee entitled “The Ohio Gang” has just been optioned for a feature film. William Rabbe, a TV and film producer, has optioned the book about the Warren Harding administration and is planning a political-thriller entitled “Unscrupulous.”

Mee’s book tells the story of Harding’s administration during the early 1920s. Harding, who was President from 1921 until his death in 1923, is widely regarded as the head of one of the most corrupt Presidential administrations in American history. While the bribery of the Teapot Dome Scandal is the best known misdeed of his administration, allegations also include marital infidelity, bootlegging kickbacks, and murder.

The film is in the very early stages of development. Rabbe is working to streamline the narrative from the book and plans to hire a writer to pen the script. No director has been chosen yet for the project which has no official timeline of any sort. Rabbe most recently produced the political series “2008 Uncut” for IFC and is currently working on a documentary about the Iran hostage crisis.

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