The Sookie Stackhouse Series – A Discussion

So I haven’t posted many book reviews in awhile, and the reason is that I decided to finish reading the Sookie Stackhouse books. I totally got addicted around book 3 and I am currently finishing up book 10 “Dead in the Family“. From my experience they just keep getting better! Anyway, I wanted to have a little discussion about the books since I just finished reading them. If you are a fan of the show True Blood, these discussion questions may contain spoilers of things to come in the series so I wouldn’t go any further if you don’t like spoilers.

So anyway, I thought I’d post a few discussion questions and my answers and then people can copy/paste the questions in the comments section with their own answers. First though, let me tell you a little bit about my experience reading the Sookie Books.

At first, I was on team Bill, but wow, he does some things that are definitely NOT COOL. It’s about this time that Eric starts to become very appealing. I actually get kind of sad when a chapter starts and its during the morning because I know there is no chance of Eric showing up in the next few pages lol. Charlaine Harris definitely knows her stuff when it comes to writing sexual tension and sexy vampires!

So here’s my discussion questions and answers.

1. In your opinion, what is the worst thing Bill did to Sookie? I think that once they began their relationship, he should of told her about why he was really sent to Bon Temps. His deception was really hurtful.

2. Sookie gets beaten up A LOT in the books. Whats your favorite Sookie fight scene? I loved it when the Weres began a war and Sookie jumped on the back of one and put it in a sleeper hold.

3. Name a dead character that you wish had lived? I was really sad when Claudine died. Although Lafayette’s death wasn’t very sad in the books because he wasn’t a huge character, I was still bummed because he’s such an awesome character on the TV show!

4. Quinn or Alcide? Quinn!! I felt like Sookie’s dismissal of him was a bit harsh. Also, Tigers are cute 🙂

5. If you had your choice, would you be a vampire, were, fairy, or normal? I would be normal with just a touch of fairy like Sookie. Then maybe I could land myself a hunk like Eric hahaha

6. Who’s treated Sookie the best out of Quinn, Eric, and Sam? I think that although all 3 of these guys were probably the most consistent for Sookie, I think Eric shows up when he’s really needed.

Also, feel free to come up with your own questions and paste them in the comments section!

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