Quality Paperbacks – A Follow Up

Back in May, I wrote an article about a cheap book club I found online called Quality Paperbacks. It basically works like those old CD clubs where you get a bunch of books at once for very cheap and then have to buy some at regular price at a later time.

Now that I have finished my membership, I thought I would tell you more about my experience. So when I signed up I got 6 new releases for only $23 including shipping. I then had to buy 2 more at regular price within a year to fill my agreement. They also had a special where you could buy one of your two books at regular price for only $5.99. I just purchased my last book this week and ended my membership for now.

If your thinking about joining Quality Paperbacks, here’s the pros and cons you need to know:

Pros: You can get a lot of books for cheap. It’s not a gimmick. They ship fast and reasonably cheaply. Also their customer service is very responsive. When you e-mail their customer service you get an auto-response that says they’ll e-mail you back within a few business days but I always got a response back in 24 hours.

Cons:Just like all good deals, there’s a catch, and what I didn’t like is they did NOT make this clear at any point in the sign up process. Keep in mind that I signed up back in May so it might be a little different now. So you have to log-in to your account online and each month they offer you books which you either click a button to accept or decline. If you don’t log in, they send you the books and charge your card full price for the books and these books do not count towards the ones you have buy to fill your membership. I thought that was pretty darn lame. Luckily I write for a book review blog and can make good use out of the books they sent me for June (because I didn’t realize the the catch until the books were already sent out to me).

That being said, when I e-mailed their customer service to complain I got a response back right away. I had no problems canceling my membership online (unlike some clubs that make you call and talk to somebody on the phone to cancel). Also, I did end up getting all my books for about half the price I would have paid a regular retail outlet.

So is the club worth it? Yes, but I recommend knowing the facts before you sign up!

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