TRUE BLOOD Comic Book Series Launches Today

True Blood #1

HBO and IDW Publishing are launching the True Blood comic book series today, just in time for Comic Con. The comic book will feature True Blood characters like Sookie, Bill, Eric, Jason, Tara, Sam, Lafayette, and Jessica, but is not based on the books by Charlaine Harris. According to the press release:

Beginning with issue #1, the True Blood comic series offers the same erotically-charged romance, wry humor, intriguing mystery and suspense the show has become known for. In this comic book series, Sookie and many other Bon Temps locals find themselves waiting in Merlotte’s bar for a strangely portentous raging storm to subside. Soon, they discover they’ve been trapped by an entity that feeds off of raw emotions and begins killing off the patrons one by one until his hunger is sated.

For those of you heading to San Diego for this weekend’s Comic Con, look for two exclusive editions of True Blood #1. There will be a special David Messina wrap-around cover available at the IDW booth (#2643). A second edition, featuring a monochromatic version of Joe Corroney’s cover, will also be available at select comic retailers at the Con.

True Blood creator Alan Ball developed the comic, along with show writers Elisabeth Finch and Kate Barnow, and it is co-written by David Tischman and Mariah Huehner. Artist David Messina illustrates.

Those of us not attending Comic Con can look for True Blood #1 at our local comic book stores starting today.

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