Is The Old Spice Guy Secretly a Librarian?

I’ve seen not one, but two videos this week that involve the Old Spice guy and libraries, which tells me librarians are getting better at promoting their libraries. It’s either that or Isaiah Mustafa secretly moonlights as a librarian. Either way, both videos are pretty hilarious.

First, we have a video that I’ve already shared with the fans of Daemon’s Books on Facebook. Here the Old Spice guy responds to a tweet from a librarian named Andy Woodworth (@wawoodworth).

The second video has been making the rounds amongst every librarian I know. It’s a spoof of the original “I’m on a horse” Old Spice commercial, and it has been viewed over 1.2 million (!) times.

“Eight out of five dentists say that studying in the library is six bajillion times more effective than studying in your shower.” Pretty funny, right? This brilliant video was made by the Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Production Crew at BYU to promote the library. At 1.2 million views and counting, I think that worked out pretty well for them.

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