Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert Announce New Dune Novel

Kevin J. Anderson's Twitter

Over the last few days, Kevin J Anderson’s blog and Twitter stream have been filled with updates concerning the latest installment in his collaboration with Brian Herbert in the Dune novel universe. Apparently this is the start of a new set of books in the series, not a continuation of the Heroes of Dune series (consisting of Paul of Dune, The Winds of Dune, and the future books Throne of Dune and Leto of Dune) which were meant as inquels that described events that occur in between the original Dune novels. The new trilogy, starting with The Sisterhood of Dune, is meant to look at the early days of the Dune universe, specifically the time after the Butlerian jihad. Sisterhood and the following books in the trilogy will apparently focus on the founding of the great schools that play such important roles in Frank Herbert’s original Dune novels and the rest of the Dune universe.

Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert have been working on novels in the Dune universe since 1999 and have had success with various novels that build upon the originals. It’s a little surprising that the two have stopped work on one set of books and switched to a different storyline (Anderson claims on his blog that they had already considered working on the new series for some time now), but some Dune fans are welcoming the change, citing dissatisfaction with the way the Heroes storylines had gone so far. Sisterhood of Dune is expected to be released in 2012, but be sure to follow Kevin J. Anderson’s Twitter and blog for frequent updates.

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