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Is Kindle 3 Coming Soon?

Amazon.com has sold out of Kindle eReaders, leading to rampant speculation that they are about to release a newer version of the device. Amazon lists the Kindle as “temporarily out of stock,” but doesn’t say when it will once again be available. This situation, coupled with a Bloomberg report [2] that said Amazon plans to release a thinner version of the Kindle in August, points to an updated device being released in the very near future. Bloomberg’s sources say the next Kindle will have a “more responsive screen with a sharper picture,” but “won’t include a touch screen or color.”

Of course, all this is just speculation and the recent price drop to $189 could be to blame for Amazon selling all the Kindles they had in stock. Last week, Amazon reported [3] that Kindle sales had tripled after they slashed the price. So did this sales jump take Amazon by surprise and they ran out of stock? Or were they intentionally clearing out stock to make room for new Kindles? We should find out soon.

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