The Hunger Games – Team Peeta vs. Team Gale

Team Peeta vs. Team Gale

Mockingjay, the third book in The Hunger Games trilogy, comes out in less than a month (August 24th!), and Jose and I are both super excited. Seriously, we haven’t anticipated a book this much since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In preparation for Mockingjay, we thought we would address the one question burning through the Hunger Games fandom: Who should Katniss end up with–Gale or Peeta?

Jose is Team Peeta and Kristen is Team Gale.

Jose: I think that Katniss should end up with Peeta, he’s gone into a death match with her twice, and was still trying to save her instead of his own skin. That’s true love.

Kristen: Well, he was trying to save himself too. He’s so good at lying and playing to the cameras that I just don’t trust him. And I don’t think Katniss trusts her feelings for him either. On the other hand, she grew up with Gale and they get each other. They both know what it’s like to have to support their family and hunt in order to put food on the table. Plus Gale looked out for her mom and sister while she was away at the games.

Jose: Well, that makes Gale a good candidate for brother of the year, but my man Peeta has been in love with Katniss since they were 5 years old, and she didn’t even realize it.

Kristen: But Gale calls her Catnip! How cute is that?

Jose: That and a dollar will buy you a cup of coffee. I’ll admit that it’s cute, and better than what Peeta has brought to the table in the “cute” department, though Peeta has done lots of paintings of Katniss.

Kristen: Do you think Katniss has feelings for Peeta? Because when she’s at the Hunger Games she thinks about Gale a lot and wonders what he’s going to think of her relationship with Peeta.

Jose: I think that she has feelings for Peeta, but it’s hard for those feelings to come to anything because the majority of their history together has been either (a) fighting to the death in an arena (not exactly romantic hideaway) or (b) having to act as if they are already in love / engaged because if they dont the government will kill them. That’s not exactly the best situation for building up a new love relationship. Do you think she has feelings for Gale?

Kristen: Yes! She was willing to run away with Gale at the beginning of Catching Fire. She trusts him and know he will always have her back.

Jose: Gale had her back on running until she added Peeta to the “lets get out of District 12” guest list, then he didn’t seem too keen on going on the lam. Plus, when he finds out there’s been an uprising in the other districts, Katniss drops to second place on his priority list. Meanwhile, Peeta’s been pretty much a Katniss first guy.

Kristen: Why didn’t Peeta help her all those years she lived in the Seam? He threw her a chunk of bread once. Big deal.

Jose: Okay, granted that Peeta wasn’t exactly there at the beginning, but it’s one of those “we’re from different sides of the tracks” kind of things, like in Pretty in Pink or Some Kind of Wonderful – without the hip 80’s soundtrack. Let’s be honest, Gale doesn’t help Katniss too much in Catching Fire, he’s part of the reason she’s in deep with the Capitol.

Kristen: Of course, we are assuming Katniss, Peeta, and Gale all survive. I’ll be heartbroken if any of them die in Mockingjay.

Jose: Well it’s a dystopian novel, so knowing our luck, she ends up alone by herself. Or maybe attacked by rabid mockingjays that escaped from the Hunger Games arena. I think while we can’t agree on who Katniss should end up with, we are all better off for having such a great book series to read.

Kristen: I agree! The thing I love about Katniss is that, unlike many other YA heroines, she’s very strong and I could see her ending up without a boyfriend. In fact, if she ends up leading the rebellion and doesn’t choose either boy, I’d be very happy.

So what do you think? Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale? Or are you Team Katniss– i.e. you think she should choose no one. Vote in our poll below and then leave a comment explaining your choice!

UPDATE 8/22: We’re approximately 24 hours away from the official release of Mockingjay! Since we are a little worried about spoilers, we’re going to temporarily disable commenting on this post. We took Suzanne Collin’s message to fans to heart and we want to give everyone time to read Mockingjay before we discuss any spoilers. Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion so far! You guys made some really convincing arguments for your teams.

The plan is to reopen the comments on Friday and we really are looking forward to some more great discussion!

UPDATE 8/29: The comments have been reopened!

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  • Ruth

    This was great fun reading your view points! I started out a fan of Team Gale but soon realized Peeta is the guy who Katniss really loves. Gale was her first crush. He taught her the skills she needed to survive in their world. Once she was selected for the Hunger Games everything changed. She and Peeta are a team now. I hope they stay together although I wouldn’t be surprised if Peeta gave his life trying to save Katniss.

    • Kristen

      You make a great argument! Even I have to admit that Peeta and Katniss do make a good team. I won’t be surprised if Peeta dies in Mockingjay, but I’ll be very sad.

    • Broski

      totallllyl agreeeee!!! She really loves Peeta, she just won’t admit it. Gale is more of an older brother. She loves him, but its a different kind of love.

      • Dadgame8

        then again they kissed

    • Adu47249

      I totally agree. I thought Peeta was one of those hopeless lovers, and that Gale played the manly boyfriend better. What surprised me was that Katniss said there was nothing between her and Gale, but they had a fairly intense relationship. I realized Peeta truly loved her, but Katniss was the one who didn’t care about Peeta at first. I was literally in pain when Peeta thought she was a mutt. All that love seemed lost. I wanted her to love him a lot more than she did while he was recovering it was awful when she shunned him. Katniss’ relationship with Gale was a firey burst, at first more appealing, whereas Peeta was there the whole time like a warm candle. I wish the epilogue described them healing their relationship; I would have loved to see that love return to the story.

  • Shannon

    i was team gale at the very start and really questioned peeta’s motivation behind everything from the start but once the games really got started i switched to team peeta and haven’t swayed.

    i think it’s normal for katniss to feel conflicted, of course she thinks she’s supposed to end up with gale. all 16-17 year old girls think they’re going to wind up with their best friend. but realistically she just feels that way because of the partnership they developed in order to save her family.

    it’s peeta who understands what she’s been through in the games and it’s him who she turns to for comfort when she can’t sleep at night because of it.

    from the ‘let’s teach girls to be independent women’ aspect, sure maybe she should just be on her own at the end of it all. but from the fluttery heart part of me i’m really hoping katniss deliberately chooses peeta over gale (meaning gale doesn’t get killed off in an attempt to make it okay for her to end up with peeta). no matter how it turns out, i can’t wait!

    • Kristen

      Well said, Shannon. I can’t wait, either!

      • Srtls07

        i already new u would be right jose about the team peeta or gale

    • Jose @ Daemons

      To be honest Shannon I would not be disappointed if Katniss was all Team Katniss by the end of the books, I think her character is well written as an independent girl/woman. Still it is YA lit so she’s probably going to end up with one of the guys.

  • Mickey

    Team Katniss. Honestly, there’s really no reason why something about Peeta bothers me, but something just does. He’s okay. I like Gale, he seems like an interesting character, but after Katniss spilled the beans about the District 8 uprising, his response bothered me. Hopefully we’ll see more of Gale in Mockingjay, at the least.
    But anyway, I think Katniss won’t end up with anyone. She hasn’t decided her feelings for both Peeta and Gale, and she seems too independent to choose who she wants to be with. I just don’t think it will happen. A lot of fans have also been predicting either Peeta or Gale will die (although more are saying Peeta), and I think after that happens (if it does at all), Katniss will just close off her heart. And anyway, Mockingjay is going to be the book where everything is rebellionrebellionrebellion, so I think we’ll see less of the romance.
    So, I’m Team Katniss and proud of it.

    • Kristen

      “And anyway, Mockingjay is going to be the book where everything is rebellionrebellionrebellion, so I think we’ll see less of the romance.”

      Yeah, I do think a lot of the book will be about Katniss becoming a leader. I can’t wait to find out more about the rebellion and District 13.


        Well I’ve read them BUT there is romance between gale and katniss cuz katniss thinks peeta will never go back 2 normal so she starts with gale and ends up with peeta

    • Jose @ Daemons

      Mickey I totally get you about Gale’s reaction to the District 8 uprising. It was all “lets get away from this hell hole” to “an uprising? I must go grab my Che Guevera shirt!” I get the response, just think Katniss would be better off with someone who cared about her a little more than inciting anarchy.

  • David

    WOW, I need to read this series!!!

    • Lorilee

      YEAH YOU DO!!!! You should’ve the day they came out

  • Sandie

    So you guys realize that now I have to read the series so that I can read this whole conversation and contribute. Dammit, where am I going to find the time?!!

    • Kristen

      LOL, sorry Sandie! If you ever get a chance to read the books, I’ll be interested in hearing your opinion :)

  • I Heart Monster

    Team Gale.

    “Let’s be honest, Gale doesn’t help Katniss too much in Catching Fire, he’s part of the reason she’s in deep with the Capitol.” Yeah, ’cause he’s busy working in the mines to try to support his family legally Plus I seem to remember an almost-kissing scene.

    Peeta is a manipulator. He used Katniss in the first games to get an advantage for himself. If he wouldn’t have declared his love for Katniss, there’s no way anyone would have ever sent that ointment he needed. On the flipside, Katniss would have still gotten everything she needed because a) she scored high, and b) she played the game in an honorable way that people appreciated (think Rue’s district sending her gifts).

    I root for Gale, but honestly, I hope that Katniss ends up with someone else entirely and I hope she leads the revolution against the Capitol. *fingers crossed*

    • Isabella

      I think Peeta will still better

      That is just my opinion

    • Welborm

      Well katniss DOSENT need a jerk! She needs a sweet boy

  • Kate

    I think Gale will end up with Madge, if she survived the destruction of District 12, that is. There have been subtle hints here and there, including Gale’s complimenting Madge on her Reaping Day wear and Madge delivering pain killers to help Gale post-whipping. Just subtle enough that readers won’t be totally shocked. Collins wouldn’t let something like that be too obvious.

    • Jose @ Daemons

      Wow Kate, that’s an excellent prediction! I hadn’t thought of Gale and Madge being together and now that you point out the reaping day outfit incident, it does paint the whole medicine event in a new light. Very interesting!

      • Lorilee

        I completely agree! You are really good at guessing, i really have become passionate about Peeta. I can’t wait to go to the movie theatre and see the actors face for him the whole movie!!!

    • Jess

      I totally agree! I can’t wait for him to realize that he loves her. I mean, the only reason Madge is in the books is so Gale can have someone to love when Katniss stomps on his heart. Anyone could have given Katniss the Mockingjay pin, but it was a sixteen year old girl who has been in love with Gale forever.
      Madge had better survived the bombing. And Gale and Madge better live. Collins doesn’t need to kill them during the course of the book. Injure them maybe, but not kill.

    • TeamPeeta

      Ya the only problem is Madge did die in the destruction, otherwise from the very begining I suspected that he “liked” her. And the whole idea that Gale never had serious feelings for Katniss, I see more of a brother sister relationship with those two.


      Sorry to spoil that Kate but Madge dies when district 12 is burned down

  • Tim

    Given the way the “love story” aspect ended in Collins’ other series (Overlander), my vote is definetly with Team Katniss.

  • Amie

    LOL, I loved reading the back and forth between you and Jose. Great stuff. I agree with Sandie, I need to read these books now so I can add my two cents :)

  • Jenna

    I’ve very much decided Katniss is in love with Peeta even if she hasn’t realized it yet. It took me rereading the books twice to decide this, but every time I read I just can’t help feeling that it’s Peeta that Katniss really wants.
    See, I think Katniss is trying to hide her feelings for Peeta. After all, she’s being forced to be with him. It’s like reverse psychology. The Capitol says to be with Peeta and so she’s trying to fight it. Gale is more of her escape. He loves her, so I think she’s just trying to cling onto the idea of loving him because it would be “rebellion” to do so.
    That said, and take a look at how she tries to fight it. Page 121 of CF, “I wish that Peeta were here to hold me…” (she has just woken up from a nightmare here). For psychology class I did a report on dreams, and theories say when we dream we are letting our subconscious out. Katniss, just waking from a dream, is still in the mode of letting her subconscious speak and she wants PEETA to hold her. Because Peeta understands what she is going through now. He experienced everything she did in that arena and fought with her. He gets her in a way that Gale just isn’t able.
    Also, take a look at Katniss after she finds out Peeta has been taken by the Capitol. She attacks Haymitch, has to be subdued, and after coming out of it wants to die. She wants to *die*. She gives up on life. Just like her mother did when her father died.
    Gosh, I could go on and on about why Katniss and Peeta are right for each other (this is just scratching the surface, believe me) but I’ll end with this:
    “As coal pressured by pearls by our weighty existence. Beauty that arose out of pain.
    “Peeta rinses the pearl off in the water and hands it to me. ‘For you.’ I hold it out on the palm of my palm and examine its iridescent surface in the sunlight. Yes, I will keep it. For the few remaining hours of my life I will keep it close. This last gift from Peeta. The only one I can really accept.” (CF, page 365)
    I love this part about the pearl. I feel it is such a metaphor for Katniss and Peeta’s relationship. One of the GalexKatniss arguments is that because of the Games Peeta would only remind Katniss of pain. I disagree. It’s just like the pearl. Their relationship is beauty that arose out of pain. They were thrown in a horrible situation, yes, but through it they’ve created a beautiful relationship built on relying on each other and loving each other. Its because Peeta has seen Katniss through the worst times in her life, first when her father died (I know Gale was there, but he showed up SIX months later after Katniss had gotten things together, and Peeta gave Katniss not only bread, but hope to live) and then again when they were in the Games, that Peeta has become someone Katniss can love and trust. He makes the nightmares go away.
    Also, I think Suzanne Collins is giving us a hint that it’s PeetaxKatniss that is meant to be through this passage. Ms. Collins is very into Greek mythology, and the Greeks believed pearls were tears of joy shed by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. And so in mythology pearls are associated with her. Peeta gives Katniss this pearl from the goddess of love, and Katniss accepts his gift. Metaphor for: Peeta’s giving his love to Katniss and she will accept it.
    Whether or not he will live is a different story, but I think in Mockingjay Katniss will realize she’s in love with Peeta.

    • ellie

      I agree completely!
      Very good points you’ve made there :)
      I hope to hell Peeta doesn’t die and Katniss ends up with him in Mockingjay. And maybe Gale falls in love with someone else… Madge? Some people have been suggesting it.

    • leman yakubova

      wow, i love this comment

  • Jessi

    Peeta is a completely awesome guy. I can tell he genuinely loves Katniss, but it seems to me that she really and truly loves Gale. So I am Team Gale!

    • Gabi

      I Just need to Know. Am I the only person here who is 13 or are there others my age too? Seriously

      • Dadgame8

        well im 12 but ya

    • Dadgame8

      keep reading and wait for the kids jessi


      I no your wrong sorry to spoil the ending but gale goes off (after the destroy the capital) to district 2 and has a life job with tools and chooses PEETA so nope I’m TEAM PEETA ( Also cuz that’s one HOT boy)

  • Amanda.

    I think Katniss and Peeta will end up together. Others have pointed out that Peeta saying he loved Katniss helped him to stay alive, and was merely a ploy. However, think of Peeta’s anguish after the Games the first time when he discovered that Katniss had only been playing along to save her own life. Plus, Haymitch and everyone else on the team believe that Peeta is genuinely in love with her.

    Katniss and Peeta have a unique bond that no one else can ever understand because of their experiences together. She didn’t try to turn to Gale for comfort in the second book- she turned to Peeta. And she is determined that Peeta will be the one alive after the second games, not herself. After she learns that Peeta has been captured she sinks into a huge depression. She thinks of no one else but Peeta, she doesn’t think about how having Peeta gone will simplify her life- she mourns for him. When she sees Gale she finally remembers him- but this is the important part- she also remembers the rest of her loved ones. Not for a single moment does she think solely of Gale, or celebrate and feel relived because he is there. I think that she would have ended up with Gale if it wasn’t for the Hunger Games, but that know she can’t. She has changed too much from the person she was when he was the only man in her life. I think that Gale could move on and be happy with someone else such as Madge or Prim; it would be easy for him to slip into that “big-brother” type of roll. However, I don’t see Peeta ever loving anyone but Katniss, and I think that Peeta is the one she NEEDS to be with to be happy. And if either Peeta or Gale die to make the choice “easier”, I will be very upset.

    • Dadgame8

      right you are if you remimber at the end of the 2st book of peetas shock when he realises that the love in the arena is just to keep them alive
      i have said this once and ill say it again

  • Gabi

    Hey, I think that both Gale and Peeta are great guys but the whole pick is on Katniss. I mean she should choose the lover that stands out to her most, but most importantly, who wants to make her happy, even if it means giving up Katniss.In other words the guy that shows Katniss that he doesn’t care who she chooses, as long as she is happy. Personally I pick Gale, ’cause he’s put up with the whole “Love, and Kisses” during the 74th Hunger Games. Right??? Heck, “TEAM GALE”

    • Isabella

      She wont stay with him

      • Welborm

        I’m with u Isabella it’s

    • Gabi

      Yea She Will

  • Sarah

    I am not believing what I am reading here! I’ve sided with Gale sense the very beginning and truth is girls tend to like guys who remind them of their father.So I think Gale is a perfect match not only because Gale looks like Mr. Everdeen, has been her companion/ partner/ best friend for years just like her father was, Gale has always been there for her before Peeta, has helped her survive through all the tough years, trust each other with anything. They’ve been through think and thin.Gale couldn’t be with during the Games because he wasn’t there; not his fault.Though Gale & Katniss have only shared 2 kisses they were both filled love and fondness. On the other hand Katniss & Peeta have shared millions kisses and none of them were real and didn’t really share any real compassion.I think of Peeta more like a best friend to Katniss than Gale. Gale ftw.

    • Isabella

      You are right Gale’s kisses with her have been filled with something

      But so have some she has had with Peeta

      And besides they dont talk about Gale much

      So PEETA has to stay with Katniss

    • emily

      your right i thought she should have been with gale too, but then peeta just had to get in the way and now look whats happening, i hate the ending how they just leave gale out and say nothing of what happens to him and how peets always has to get right into the middle just like in the end bc maybe if peeta didnt come then she would have went to see gale.

    • Jamie

      though you do have valid points, they have shared millions of kisses but if i remember correctly, a few times when he (Peeta) kissed her, he left her wanting more. im team Peeta

  • Sarah

    And another thing I can believe is that y’all are SO baffled that Gale would be excited or shocked or curious or happy about the rebellions.I was reacting the same way Gale was. Wouldn’t you, if you were Gale? If you were ANY of the citizens in any district? You guys make no sense. Maybe sense most of y’all haven’t gone through the kind of iron grip you don’t understand.I for one was proud of Gale and proud of Katniss when she came around. I don’t think she can lead the rebellion though. She doesn’t seem to be that kind of leader type.

    In the beginning I was kind of suspicious of Peeta. Like maybe he’s only doing this as part of his strategy or something.But now I think his feelings for are real, considering.. Peeta is actually way too cheeseball for my tastes.It’s always only about Katniss and repeated talk about protecting her.It’s cheesy and cliche.I love Peeta but he needs to tone it down. It’s nice that Gale has other interests and isn’t just obsessed about the girl he likes.Although we girls like to think that we are top priority in our guys mind sometimes it’s just not true, okay?

    Gale did not get Katniss so damn deep in trouble with the Capital. It was Katniss’s conscious for not killing Peeta. I don’t see how Gale fits into that at all.He didn’t pick the flowers and he didn’t hand them the berries He wasn’t even there.

    GALE FTW! <3 ^^

    • Welborm

      Well PEETA said 1 thing that was sweet and in mocking jay gale admits that katniss kissed PEETA better than gale!!! :()

  • Isabella

    I seriously think that Katniss should stay with Peeta.

    1.Peeta gave her bread when she was starving (he got a beating for that)

    2.He befriended the careers just to protect Katniss (he could have gotten killed while trying to befriend them)

    3.He has loved her since they where 5 (and remembers everything that has to do with her

    4.He said he was in love with her ( Maybe he thought it was his last chance to say it in case they both died in the arena ) ( It was true love because if it wasnt he wouldnt have been pissed when he realized she was only thi king of it as a game )

    5. Katniss is always embarrased when peeta says nice things about her! ( Gale NEVEgave her compliments )

    6. Katniss drugged peeta in the first book so that she could get him medicine to survive

    7.Katniss liked having peeta sleep with her

    8. Gale is going to stay with Madge. I mean Madge clearly loves gale because she gave medicine for him.And gale complimented her outfit on the reaping day.

    I could go on and on about this but bottom line is


  • Carla

    I think Katniss WILL stay with Peeta because think of it do you think Suzanne Collins would have wasted her time writing A LOT about Peeta when Katniss was going to stay with Gale. Just like in Twilight they talked a lot about Edward and she stayed with him. In all thee

    And also Gale is going to stay with Madge ….. Anyone could have given Katniss the pin but the author knew that Katniss would HAVE TO stay with Peeta so she just fir Madge in…..

    That makes it obvious to me that she will stay with Peeta at the end.




    • Welborm

      I like yalls stile

  • Emily

    Guys come on GALE!!!! Peeta was in an arena with her fighting to the death. He embaressed her in front of all the distrits and the capitol of saying he was madly in love with her AND forcerd her to marry him (even though that was mostly snow I still hate peeta) I get that he was all lovely dovey with her and that he made the bad dreams go away but on page 27 of catching fire she said that one kiss with Gale…. that one kiss outnumbered all the times she kissed peeta or peeta kissed her.(SPOILER FOR MOCKING JAY MOST LIKELY THIS WILL HAPPEN) Peeta will end up with Katniss:( and Gale will end up with Madge! :(!! I

  • Kristen

    Hi everyone – we’ve had commenting disabled on this post for the past week to allow everyone time to read Mockingjay. I hope you’ve all read the book and are ready to talk about it! If you haven’t read Mockinjay yet, you’ll want to avoid reading any comments until you’ve finished the book. Thanks!

  • Sandie

    I have finally finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy, so I can share my two cents. I’ll only talk about the Team Peeta / Team Gale from what my thoughts were after I finished reading Book 2.

    First off, I had no idea who was on Team Peeta or Gale between Kristen and Jose, but I really thought that Kristen would have picked Peeta (I was almost convinced). Why? Because I was team Peeta, and since we were in sync for Team Edward I just assumed we would see eye to eye on this one too. How wrong I was. So Jose I apologize. I see now that I have underestimated our likeness. 😉

    But back to the big debate. Even though I like Gale, I always thought Katniss would end up with Peeta. Not that she necessarily loved him more than Gale (at least not at first), but to me the experience of going into the Hunger Games together is something that Gale will never be able to compete with. He will never be able to understand what it was like and the scars they are dealing with. I do however think that had she not gone to the Hunger Games, Katniss would have ended up with Gale.

    Anyway, that was my thought going into Mockingjay and turns out I got it pretty much right :-)

    It was also fun getting a peek at your own thoughts on the subject, so thanks for that!

    • Kristen

      Sandie – I was hoping you’d be Team Gale since I seem to be way outnumbered :)

      I’m actually pretty cool with how everything turned out in the end. Given everything that happened in Mockingjay, the ending made sense to me.

      I’m so glad you were able to read the books!

      • Welborm

        Ok in my opinion It BROKE MY HEART when prim died I also hated that rue had to die all the good people die!!! And in the 3 book ( mocking jay ) she s said this exactly ” I just watched my little sister become a human torch”

    • Sandie

      Haha. Sorry :-(

      But thank you so much to both you and Jose for writing about it, otherwise I would have never read it. :-)

  • Amie

    Ok, finally finished the 3 books. Although Gale is awesome I am team Peeta. He’s been in love with her his whole life and does everything he can to protect her :) If he would just call her Catnip like Gale he’d be perfect hahaha.

  • i wouldn’t really give out my name

    *MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT* I hate this stupid Team Gale Team Petta crap so im just gonna tell you the third book in a nutshell to end this stupid thing, if you plan on reading it please dont read this cause i dont wanna ruin a really good book i just want to end this stupid thing before it becomes another twilight *AGAIN MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT*

    ok well heres the third book in a nutshell, Katniss joins the rebllion, big shock i know, and district 12 got the crap blown out of it, ok? ok. well it starts by her going to twelve to see it all destroied and to get her cat, among other things, and then she goes to 13 with Gale and Haymitch, turns out that Plutrich was a spy sent into the games, i think you learn that in Catching Fire, but im not totally sure ill go back and look. while in 13, after a bunch of things that dont truly matter happen, but eventually she becomes the rebals MockingJay under the conditions that all the people captured get pardond and Gales her right hand man, and a surprise one thats not really a surprise but whatever. Anyway after a bunch of battles Katniss finds out that the Captiols trying to break her by tortureing Peeta, and it works eventually, so they go rescue him, but oh wait he’s brainwashed and now wants to KILL KATNISS. They try to bring him back, slow at first but he gets there eventually, with the help of a game they made up called “Real or Not”, more propganda stuff happens, then they finally storm the capitol, yaaay. Problem it’s war and people Die sadly all the cool people such as Finnick, Boggs, who you meet in the book, and several other people, but one in peerticular is…Prim…that’s right her sister dies and Katniss loses it, loses grip on reality and becomes an “avox” mentally and temporarily. Snow is captured and put on trail, and big shock he’s sentanced to death by the hand of the mockingjay, cept when she goes to shoot him, she ends up shooting Coin, who is the president of 13. So she gets arrested and thrown into her old training center room under the arena, you should remember that from the first book, adn she gets tried and is sent back to twelve where she confines to her own “bubble” until she decideds she wants to go hunting but doesnt get far before she loses that ambition, and thats when she sees Peeta, not Gale, Peeta. Gale got a special job in district 2 and you dont hear from him ever again. throughout whats left of the book Katniss explains how they needed each other to survive and get a grip back on reality together. The book ends perfectly Katniss starts making an album of all the good memories shes had, such as Prim, Finnicks and Annes new born son, stuff like that. She also says that she has nightmares still but Peetas there for her and at the end of the book, before the epilogue, Peeta asks “you love me Real or Not Real” and Katniss obviously says “Real”. After that Katniss describes her life, she has two kids, a boy and a girl. The games are no more, obviously, and her and Peeta are happy together. Katniss says that whenever she gets down she plays a game where she says all the goodness shes done in her life, and her kids think its weird, but there are worse games to play, which is a PERFECT ending to this book *END OF SPOILER*

    so why ruin such a good series with this twilight bull crap

    • NOT gale!

      Wow your mentally challenged aren’t you?

  • http://facebook lauren

    it’s katniss not kristen

  • Moviegirl

    TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAY!!! Peeta is the one that truly loves her! I think Katniss is a jerk for not reallizing that! HA! She doesn’t deserve Peeta! :)

    • kazoo

      just like haymitch said she could die a thousand times and not seserve him

      • Welborm

        O man that is wrong!! I also forgot that PEETA lost his leg in the 1st book!!!

  • Jgoodall

    Gale!!! :)

  • Kitkat

    I know I’m a bit late in the game but I just read the whole trilogy this week. I was team Peeta through the first two books, he was the one who acted like he loved her. Gale seemed to just like her, (also a bit to big brother-ish) and she would never be his top priority, and not having gone through what she and Peeta he would never be able to understand what she was going through with her PTSD. Plus, could you get anymore cute then Peeta?

    But after Mockingjay I couldn’t see her with anyone *SPOILER* She turned in to drugged out shell of a person after she came out of the arena, not really ready for any kind of relationship. Yes she may have gotten herself under control during part of the book but after Prim died Katniss emotionally died herself she could barely talk, she need to put that chapter of her life behind her. Instead she goes to live in the rubble of her home (which I’m not convinced isn’t a metaphor for the death of her old self), surrounded by the bodies of people she knew and cared for and ends up with the boy who symbolized (to her at lest) the capital’s complete control of her life. Not that Gale would have been much better with his utter disregard for human life, which the hunger games had taught her the value of.

    I should have known to expect this. The way she ended her other series killed me too.

  • ARD

    I always thought that Katniss should end up with Peeta. The share more intimate moments and i can tell that she can’t live without him. Gale she can only not survive without in a hunting partner kind of way.

  • bill

    this is lame and pointless!!! this is not any of the twilight shit here!


      Well it’s better than vampires bite peoples heads off running around with devil eyes!!!

    • I Hate My Bills

      O also bill um this is o I don’t no AMERICA ( sadly ) and were free to do what we want ok and @ first I didn’t like the hunger games but now it’s my FAV. ( besides the Narnia Series) and I’m not sure that they seriously needed a dabate about the hunger games but it’s kul and it’s fun (ish)

  • Dadgame8

    umm i would like to point out that she dose have kids with petta with her own will


      Yay BUT peeta is the 1 who wanted them!

  • Wish I could be Peeta

    Peeta all the way! He has put Katniss first from the very beginning. He even volunteered in the quarter quell to take haymitch’s place with no hesitiation! They couldn’t even finish the sentence before he volunteered. He is ready to die for Katniss no questions asked. That’s true. I was rooting for Peeta the whole time! Anybody want to argue with me otherwise I will literally destroy you. All the evidence in the book points to Peeta.

  • Lorilee

    The hunger games is a wonderful series that i am still currently reading……PEETA AND KATNISS ALL THE WAY…GALE SUCKS!!!!

    • Gannygan

      Wow u suce
      And u deserve a slow demise for crushing gale he way way cuter than peeeeta

    • Gannygan

      Wow u suce
      And u deserve a slow demise for crushing gale he way way cuter than peeeeta

  • Stacey_1712

    Well I’m pretty late but here it goes. I like both gale and peeta but I always wanted katniss to choose peeta. Gale is ok but katniss feels q different kind of love towards him. I know a lot of people question peeta’s love for katniss because they think he was pretending in order to gain audience. But when you think about it katniss was the one who was pretending. Everything peeta said was true he made nothing up and he was so devastated when he found out katniss was pretending. Katniss is basically coached by haymitch on what to say whereas peeta was not and that’s not just because he has a good way with words( although he does) it’s because everything he is saying is the truth. He is not trying to make things up it’s so easy for him to express his love bcz that’s how he actually feels. Peeta is such a good guy and haymitch even tells katniss that no matter what she does she still won’t deserve peeta. He is just so likable. Even though gale wants to hate peeta he can’t. Gale once said that it would be easier to hate him if ge wasn’t so nice. Maybe gale would end up with katniss if there were no hunger games but there are and nobody can change that.

    Anyways katniss does end up with peeta of course. And she always knew that she would because peeta is so warm and gentle whereas gale is full of rage and hate and she doesn’t need that!!!

  • Megan

    it sucks that the books are already out, i would love if gale and katniss fall in love, i dislike peeta, he jusr doesnt match up with her, they dont make a good couple. plsu shes wayy to good for him!! XD <3 foreva

  • Megan

    So what does happen in the second & third book anyways? I only like just finisher the first one. Now it seems as if the all the books just got less interesting sence the Hunger Games finished & Katniss & Peeta won.
    P.S. I still DISLIKE Petta!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mozie287

      True dat sistar

  • Abi Squid

    Go team FINNICK!

  • Ms Mellark

    She sould end up with peeta, and i am glad she did!!! I LOVE PEETA MELLARK!