GLEE’s Sue Sylvester Gets a Fake Autobiography

GLEE "Bad Reputation" Sue Sylvester

Great news, Gleeks! On the upcoming second season of Glee, Sue Sylvester will be writing her autobiography and it’s actually going to be released. Apparently, Glee producers will write the fictional autobiography and Jane Lynch herself may do a short book tour as Sue. There’s no word on the title or release date (although “That’s How Sue Sees It” has to be a title contender, right?).

I imagine that the book will address how Sue, coach of the Cheerios and tormentor of the glee club, became the evil woman she is today. Besides her Down syndrome afflicted sister, we don’t really know much about her family except that her parents “were famous Nazi hunters.” There’s got to be a good story behind that.

Sue is the most quotable character on Glee and, in honor of her fake biography, here are a few of my favorite Sue Sylvester quotes:

“Your resentment is delicious.”

“You know, for me trophies are like herpes. You can try to get rid of them but they just keep coming. Sue Sylvester has hourly flair ups of burning, itchy, highly contagious talent.”

‘I’m all about empowerment. I empower my Cheerios to live in a state of constant fear by creating an environment of irrational, random terror.”

”I always thought the desire to procreate showed deep personal weakness.”

“Every time I try to destroy that clutch of scab-eating mouth-breathers, it only comes back stronger, like some sexually ambiguous horror villain.”

What are your favorite Sue Sylvester quotes? Are you looking forward to a Sue Sylvester autobiography?

(Source: Publisher’s Weekly)

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