Author Pays Actresses to Read Her Book in Public

How far would you go to promote your work? Most of us would probably stop at Facebook and Twitter, but author Jennifer Belle took it a step further after her publisher failed to provide any publicity for her latest book, The Seven Year Bitch. She actually auditioned and hired actresses to read her book in public and laugh hysterically. In all, almost 150 actresses worked in shifts riding the subway and hanging around New York landmarks reading the book and laughing. They reported back that while some people had simply ignored them, others had stopped and asked what they were reading. You can read more about the so-called “Laughter Project” at Publishing Perspectives.

I have to say that this seems like a brilliant idea to me. I know if I saw someone laughing that much at a book, I’d take note of what they were reading. I might think they were a little crazy, but I’d definitely be curious. How about you? Do you check out what strangers are reading on the subway, in airports, or waiting rooms?

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