VAMPIRE ACADEMY Series To Become Film Franchise

The Detroit Free Press recently interviewed Richelle Mead, author of the crazy popular Vampire Academy series, and the Michigan native talked about the books and the movie adaptation that is in the works. Mead sold the movie rights to Vampire Academy about a month ago to Preger Entertainment. Michael Preger is producing the movie, along with Don Murphy, whose credits include Transformers and Real Steel. They want to create a film franchise that will appeal to both male and female fans. Preger told the Free Press, “We’re not just going for a movie, we’re hoping for a series of films.”

However, when talking about the movie, Mead sounds less enthusiastic. She met with Preger and Murphy at the recent San Diego Comic Con and she says, “I’m hopeful. I’ve met the guys. They’re great. They love the books. But for me, it’s very easy to put this on the back burner. The options are sold, but it’s not something I’m thinking about most of the time. My focus is the books, because that’s what I do.”

Vampire Academy fans are obviously super excited about the prospect of the movie and are weighing in with their opinions on the Facebook page set up by Preger Entertainment. According to Michael Preger, “casting is a huge issue and there’s a very active debate between the groups there as to whether we should be going with established cast or unknowns.”

So what do Vampire Academy fans think about the movie? Who would you like to see play Rose, Lissa, and Dmitri? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Hope Pearce

    Not thrilled, I have a feeling the movie(s) will turn out to be like all the other films ‘based on books’. It will not stay true to the book – what’s written or how the scenes are set. I know I won’t be watching the films because I’ve already made a promise to myself to either watch the movie or read the book, not both because the film always disappoints.
    Congrate’s to Richelle though she would have made a mint selling those rights :).
    Well I’ve had my 2cents worth, Take it easy.

  • Ana

    I am supper excited about VA turning into a movie. I get disappointed but i end up loving the movies. Like with twilight I love the books and the movies but not in the same way. I just fell in love with these books and can’t wait to see the movies.

  • Jensen

    Im super excited i love the series its like taken over my life and for it to become a movie is amazing! it will just keep the series going and more people will read them! i love them and so hopeful the movie will follow the books !

  • rogerakataylor

    i hope that they let zach effron be christian,it will be good for him to not have a lead role.and he has the right eyes.lissa could be dakota fanning if you could get her into the series.perfect hair.she could were contacts too.rose would be selena gomez (with stilts lol)perfectperfectperfect!dimitri could be kellan lutz aka emmet from twilight with his hair dyed i think they will use make up to make him look a bit older.

    • Deena Osman Lak Shuu

      in my opinion none of them would suit to play any of the roles, especially selena gomez which is a NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check out these:
      Rose: Odette yutsman!!!!!!
      Dimitri: Ben Barnes!!!!!!
      Lissa: Brittany Snow or Taylor Swift
      Christian: Nicholas Hoult
      Adrian: Chace Crawford!!!!!
      Tasha: Zoey Deschannel
      Perfect right?????????

  • Taylor

    im uber excited for the movie!! im not worried that it will ruin the books because the books are books and the movie is the movie, 2 different things about the same subject. anyways i honestly only care about who plays Dimitri and Adrian. im fine with unknown but if i had my way i say Chace Crawford as Adrian and Ben Barnes <3 as Dimitri either that or Henry Cavil

  • Anny

    Rose: Megan Fox (she is bitchy like Rose :D)
    Dimitri: Ben Barnes, definitely!! 😀 <3 Love him, he is sooo sexy, like Dimitri 😀 His face looks like an angel.
    Lissa: Hmm.. I don't know exactly.. But maybe Hayden Panettiere, she's cute.
    Christian Ozera: Well, dunno.. 
    Adrian Ivashkov: Chace Crawford :) Or maybe Hayden Christensen.. they are both hot.

  • Hernandezdana40

    unkown preson would be great !!!!!!!!