Everybody Loves YA Books, Right?

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Pamela Paul recently wrote an essay for the NY Times Sunday Book Review about how popular Young Adult books are among adults. I have to admit that my first reaction to this topic was to roll my eyes and think about how this has been discussed to death over the past ten years. The NY Times isn’t always the most relevant source either (case in point: their recent article about these newfangled things called blogs).

The thing is, the author so eloquently talks about her love of the YA genre and her obsession with The Hunger Games, that I realized she is woman after my own heart. I appreciate that she doesn’t act embarrassed or apologetic about her tastes in literature. She also really nails the appeal of YA books, which is basically that they have fresh, engaging storytelling that lacks the cynicism found in adult books. I couldn’t agree more.

After reading her wonderful piece, I’m curious about other people’s reactions to it. Were people surprised that an adult woman loves reading YA books? Are there a lot of adults out there who still refuse to read YA books?

It’s hard for me to imagine there are too many people left who haven’t discovered the awesomeness of YA since pretty much everyone I know reads them regularly. And it’s not just people in their 20’s and 30’s that are on board with YA. My mom and grandma both read the Twilight Saga, and even my ninety-year-old grandfather has read Harry Potter. When I was at Borders over the weekend, I browsed the YA section and noticed several other adult women doing the same, none of us looking embarrassed to be there. In her article, Paul cites statistics that back up what I’ve noticed. She writes, “The percentage of female Y.A. fans between the ages of 25 and 44 has nearly doubled in the past four years. Today, nearly one in five 35- to 44-year-olds say they most frequently buy Y.A. books.”

So is there anyone out there who doesn’t like YA books? Or someone who reads them, but is embarrassed about it? Come clean in the comments!

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