MOCKINGJAY Leak Causes Outrage

Andrew Sims' twitpic of Mockingjay

Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy, won’t be released until August 24th, and Scholastic has the book under a strict embargo until then. That means no one is supposed to see the book—not the media, not bookstore employees, no one—until the 24th. Well, somehow Andrew Sims, administrator of the popular Harry Potter fansite, got his hands on a copy. He tweeted a picture of Mockingjay and said, “Thanks to a very kind friend, I’m about to start Mockingjay. Join me on my red eye flight to read along.”

Scholastic denies giving Sims a copy. They told The Hunger Games Examiner: “We are not releasing copies in advance of 8/24/10,” said Sheila Marie Everett, Collins’ publicist at Scholastic. “Scholastic did not provide this person with a copy of Mockingjay. In fact, I haven’t even read it yet!”

Since news of the leak came shortly after author Suzanne Collins asked fans to avoid giving away any Mockingjay spoilers, Hunger Games fans are outraged that not only did Sims get an early copy, he bragged about it on Twitter. I can’t even quote some of the fan reaction I’ve seen on blogs and Twitter because of all the profanity. One site that I can quote is The Mystical Lit Lounge, who calls Sims a “cheater cheater pumpkin eater” and urges fans to go to give him a piece of their mind.

For his part, Sims has said on Twitter that he didn’t expect to get such a reaction. He tweeted: “re: not expecting the reaction: there’s a difference between a book with 800k copies vs one (hp) with 400 million.” I think he just insinuated that because the Hunger Games series hasn’t sold as many books as Harry Potter, he didn’t think anyone would care. Ouch! While I find his sentiments condescending to Hunger Games fans, I don’t think we have to worry about him leaking spoilers. I think he’ll probably keep quiet about Mockingjay from now until August 24th.

So what do you think about Sims getting an early copy? Are fans overreacting? Share your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE 8/22: I’ve noticed a disturbing amount of people on Twitter saying that they are currently reading Mockingjay, so we’re going to temporarily disable commenting on this post to avoid any potential spoilers. I think I’m also going to avoid Twitter from now until I’ve finished the book too.

We plan to restore commenting on Friday. I hope everyone enjoys Mockingjay!

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  • Tu Madre

    I really wonder where he got it from. I don’t think he deserves special treatment because he runs a fansite. Sure, the site’s great and all, but aren’t all fans supposed to be equal? I guess it doesn’t make that much of a difference- only eight days to the release. Still, I call foulplay.

    • Kristen

      That’s a good question. I’d like to know where he got it from too. I’m also wondering is anyone else has received an early copy, but had the good sense not to brag about it on Twitter.

    • Catherine

      Actually he is the webmaster to a Twilight fansight and works on a HP fansite.

  • Amy

    Possibly a tad bit overreacting, but still! His comment about it not being as big as HP so it wouldn’t upset people is a little crazy. He better not leak anything! I can’t wait for my copy :)

  • Mandy

    I gotta say that Andrew didn’t mean anything by it. He’s a great guy and people shouldn’t be beating him up about it.

    • Catherine

      Exactly my point. Because he works on a Harry Potter finsight, he probably has had at least one of the HP books spoiled for him. There is NO WAY he will spoil the books. That is the least of our worries. In his defense someone else tweeted (with no picture)about reading a copy but doesn’t have the amount of followers Andrew has. He is not the only one to have read the book (second comment)

    • Jose @ Daemons

      He may be a good guy, but as someone who has dealt with Twilight and HP fan bases, he should have realized the kind of upset there would be at his tweets. Additionally, he could have either sat on it or returned the book to the publisher. I think if the same had happened with an HP book during the hype surrounding books 6 and 7 and someone else had an early copy and announced it to the world, the HP community (and mugglenet) would have had a similar reaction to what the Hunger Games fan had with Andrew. Plus, I don’t think he made any new fans by that last comment about the sales figures.

    • Sia

      I don’t think Andrew is a good guy ok maybe a little. I find him pompous and arrogant at times. I find him funny but with that comment about how many books were sold compared to Harry Potter he’s just a snob and thinks Potter is the greatest thing to touch his eyes.

  • Sarah

    Um… I just bought a copy at my local Meijer store. I guess someone mistakenly put it on the shelf? I couldn’t believe it when I saw it!

    • Sabina


    • isabelle

      anyway you could possibly tell me that she picks peeta?! haha jk but if you have read it could you contact me and give your reviews? and all spoilers you have….

    • layla smith

      the exzact same thing happend. to me. there were only 2 copys left so i bought both!

  • Amy

    It’s understandable that fans are frustrated and feel cheated. Those of us who have been patiently waiting for the release of Mockingjay – we “law-abiding” citizens :) – feel like someone just “cut in line.” Bragging about it on Twitter just adds insult to injury. None of it is surprising to me, though. Classic case of “celebrity entitlement.”

  • Faren

    It’s a book, I’m looking forward to it. Get over it.

    • Kaylee

      Exactly! He is ne isn’t only one to have had the book ant tweet about it so please get a life and stop slamming him because he happened to twitpic it. Seriousley get a life and wait a week for the book to come out. And this is a BOOK not something that actually matters. And before you comment I am a huge fan of the hunger games but I understand that it is a BOOK!

  • Alli

    I personally have had early copies of books because a certain store (Walmart) has a habit of putting stuff out before the release date. SO CALM DOWN!!!!

  • layla smith

    I actully am reading mocking jay at the moment. someone accidently put two copies out, at a myers in my town.

  • Renee Sanchez

    He’s a cretin.

  • Pam

    I personally don’t care that he got a copy, I do care that he bragged about it. Also there is NO friend at Scholastic giving out those books. There are some bookstores in the mid-west (where he was at for his red-eye flight btw) that have (had) them shelved early for profit.

  • Iris

    Walmart had on the selves on sale on Friday, my sister and I tried to buy but the sell didn’t go through. Some employee put it out early by mistake, but I got to read the ending. But I am not telling

  • Melissa

    It’s not surprising at ALL to me that he showed off his copy. I mean, he does run the website that posted the first few paragraphs of Deathly Hallows, so clearly secrecy is not as much of a priority as making more money and being seen as “cool”.

  • So-cal Love

    i think the thing that made me the saddest, even more than prim’s death, was the fact that Gale and katniss’ relationship at the end became nothing. they were so close and at the end their relationship just turned cold and kind of dissintegrated.  Gale just went to district 2 and they never tied it up, it’s sad because their relationship was like the foundation of story now its just like, gone… other than that, suppppper depressing book honestlyy im not sure i liked it