Ricky Martin’s Memoir Coming in November

Me by Ricky MartinRicky Martin plans to talk about his vida loca in a new memoir called Me, due out November 2nd. It has been a busy few years for Martin, who had twin sons via a surrogate in 2008 and publicly announced his homosexuality last March. In the memoir, he explores “life-changing decisions like coming to terms with his sexuality, becoming a father, and devoting himself to helping children around the world.”

I’m curious to hear what he has to say about coming out as a gay man. It seems like that was a difficult decision for him, especially coming from Puerto Rico, which is predominantly Catholic. Of all the popstars out there, I think he has a story I’d be interested in hearing.

A Spanish version of the memoir called Yo will also be available on November 2nd.

(Source: Pwxyz)

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  • Minerva Figueroa

    You definitely don’t know what your talking about–eventhough Puerto Rico is mostly Catholic-it is a very gay friendly place.
    Make sure you do your research as a journalist.

  • Aurea

    You do not have to be Catholic to know that gay behavior is an anti-natural behavior and damage the most interior psychology of a person.