FABLES Vol 1: LEGENDS IN EXILE Comic Book [Review]

I’ve always looked at comic book fans the same way I look at people who enjoy playing team sports or gourmet cooking – their hobbies are a respectable way to pass the time but something I’m not really interested in trying myself. However, recently Sandie and Eric lent me a stack of comics that they claim are every bit as good as the books I read, so I figured I would give comic book reading the old college try. Here’s what I was given:

Fables: Volume 1 Legends in Exile By Bill Willingham and Lan Medina
Secret Identity Volume 1 by Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen
Y The Last Man: Volume 1 Unmanned by Brian Vaughan, Pia Guerra, and Jose Marzan, Jr
The Walking Dead: Volume 1 Days Gone By by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore
The Sword: Volume 1 Fire by The Luna Brothers

I started with Fables because it came highly recommended by not only Eric and Sandie, but also Kristen. I feel a little guilty about giving it a 5 out of 5 review. As I am not a seasoned comic book fan, I have nothing really to compare it to; all I know is that I enjoyed it very much.

In Fables: Legends in Exile our favorite story book characters have been driven out of their world by an evil “Adversary” and forced to live in hiding in our world among us humans aka “Mundanes”. When Snow White’s sister “Rose Red” goes missing the Big Bad Wolf launches an investigation. Could it be Jack (the one with the magic beans), her ex-lover Prince Charming, or even Snow White herself?

Fables is great because it contains all the characters we grew up with yet it was written for adults. I thought the illustrations were fantastic and the writing was exceptional as well. Since all of their happy endings these characters have gone through divorce, affairs, rehabilitation and more. It makes for entertaining and engaging reading. So far, I have to hand it to Sandie and Eric for their awesome recommendation. Be on the lookout for more comic book reviews as I get through the rest of my list!

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Vertigo | Pages: 128 | Buy on Amazon

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  • http://www.daemonsbooks.com/author/sandie/ Sandie

    Yay Amie! So glad you enjoyed it. And I have a confession, I used to think the same of comic books, so I know where you’re coming from :-)

    And also I think it’s fine for you to give it a 5 out of 5, after all it’s about whether you liked it or not. Can’t wait to read more of your reviews!

    • http://www.daemonsbooks.com/author/amie/ Amie

      Thanks Sandie! Sword will be coming next. So far I’m loving it!

  • http://www.daemonsbooks.com/author/kristen Kristen

    I’d give Fables a 5 out of 5 too. It’s awesome! I’m reading volume 10 now, and it just keeps getting better as the series goes on.

    • http://www.daemonsbooks.com/author/sandie/ Sandie

      Yay! I’m so excited you like it too Kristen! So I have to suggest the spin off to you (yes there is a spin off).

      It’s Jack of Fables and it takes one of the characters from Fables (guess which one 😉 ) who goes on his own adventure. It’s really good as well with a little more humor. Would it convince you if I told you it involved a little blue ox who tells jokes once in a while throughout each volume?

    • http://www.daemonsbooks.com/author/kristen/ Kristen

      Ha ha! That sounds hilarious! I didn’t know there was a spin off, but now that you mention it, it makes total sense that Jack would get his own story.

      Jose really loves Fables too, so thanks again for recommending them! :)

  • Sterling

    Ooo, you have some nice ones on deck.