The BBC Tries to Block Memoir by TOP GEAR’s ‘The Stig’

Top Gear's The Stig

Some say he’s a former Formula 1 driver. Some say it’s Danica Patrick in drag. All we really know is that the BBC doesn’t want you to know the truth.

The BBC, the network behind the popular TV show Top Gear, is suing HarperCollins over their plans to publish a memoir by The Stig. If you haven’t seen Top Gear, The Stig is an anonymous, helmeted test driver who frequently appears on the show.

The BBC argues that confidentiality agreements prohibit The Stig from revealing his identity. A BBC spokesperson says, “It is also worth stating that the overwhelming majority of Top Gear’s viewers tell us they want The Stig’s identity to remain under wraps as it is a key part of their enjoyment of the show.”

HarperCollins argues that The Stig has a right to tell his story and that they will vigorously defend him. You can read the full story at the Telegraph, and read their discussion of the true identity of The Stig.

Are you interested in reading The Stig’s memoir? Or would you rather not know who’s behind the helmet?

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