EARTH’S ULTIMATE CONFLICT by Kathy Porter [Review]

Earth's Ultimate Conflict by Kathy Porter

The world is going to end soon, as the damage done to the environment by humans has sealed its fate. People are coming down with crazy diseases. Oh, and aliens are coming. Those stories about alien abduction? All true. With all these crazy events happening, families are being torn apart and ordinary people must make impossible decisions. When a chance at salvation presents itself, it’s up to the President of the United States to decide whom we can trust or else the world will perish. This is the basis of Earth’s Ultimate Conflict, the first book in the Gray Guardians Series, written by Kathy Porter.

I enjoyed reading Earth’s Ultimate Conflict because I thought Porter did a great job building up to the reveal of the aliens, creating tension while still moving along the action. Porter’s characters are very well developed, and the reader can get a very good picture of what characters are thinking and their motivations, which is not always easy to do. There are some moments of brevity sprinkled through the second half of the book, and it’s a great change of pace to the serious part of the story. The science in the story was also well developed and believable while not getting bogged down in details.

The main issue I had with the book was that it was easy to get some of the characters confused in the first few chapters. This lead me to backtrack and reread portions of the book, which made initial progress in the book slow. I also felt that the ending was a little abrupt, even if this book is part of the series. The author could have cut back a little to a more defined break point in the story, and picked it up from there in her next book.

Earth’s Ultimate Conflict is age appropriate for high schoolers and older, as the story is a little too complex for younger readers. Fans of science fiction stories, especially those involving aliens, will enjoy the book, though I would also recommend it to those who like to read stories with a conspiracy angle. To learn more about Kathy Porter and this book, visit the Gray Guardians series website.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Woods N Water Inc. | Pages: 448 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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