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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

SPOILER ALERT: Warning! Major spoilers for Mockingjay ahead! This post is intended to be a place to discuss everything that happened in Mockingjay. If you haven’t yet read Mockingjay, check out our spoiler-free review.

So now that we’ve finished Mockingjay we’re (Jose and Kristen) dying to talk about it! Let’s start with our general thoughts about the book and then move on to some of the specific events.

Jose: Well, I talked about my feelings about the book in my review, but overall I have to say that I really liked it and thought it was a great piece of dystopian writing.

Kristen: Mockingjay just blew my mind. I mean, what an EPIC way to end a trilogy. It was hard to read at times, but I respect the fact that Suzanne Collins didn’t try to sugarcoat the war or make Katniss warm and fuzzy. She genuinely surprised me too. There were a few times when my mouth just dropped open in SHOCK because I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Jose: Well, I think we all had those OMG type moments while reading this series.

Peeta versus Gale – The Aftermath

Kristen: As much I was rooting for Gale, there was no way he and Katniss could end up together after what he did in Mockingjay. I knew he had a lot of anger in him, but I was shocked by how he used that anger to design weapons to kill people. That his idea for a bomb was possibly used to kill all those kids, including Prim (*sob*), is just unforgivable.

Jose: At the same time, even though I was pulling for Peeta, there’s no escaping the fact that he was severely affected by his time under interrogation at the Capitol. When one person in the relationship has tried to kill the other it tends to throw a wrench into things. I was actually surprised she ended up with Peeta in the end–I thought Collins would have let her live out her days without Peeta or Gale.

Kristen: Me too! I was surprised when Peeta showed up at the end. And how weird was it that for most of the book Peeta was absent or not himself?

Jose: Still, if there was anyone who could console and understand what Katniss had gone through, it was Peeta, so maybe it was for the best that they ended up together.

Kristen: Yeah, I really feel like there were no winners in this situation. Katniss and Peeta may have gotten together and had kids, but it wasn’t a “…and they lived happily ever after” situation. They just picked up the broken pieces of their lives as best they could.

District 13 – A Nice Place to Visit, But…

Jose: So we finally get to see the mysterious District 13 that we’ve been excited about since Catching Fire, and it was a whole lot of tunnels with the charm of Alcatraz.

Kristen: Uggh, it was horrible, right? They had a little more food, but no freedom. I was hoping District 13 would be some sort of Utopia, but it wasn’t much better than Panem. While the people in the Capitol were brightly colored and blinged-out, District 13 was its sterile (literally) cousin.

Jose: Actually now that you mention it, there was a lot of dualities between the Capitol and District 13 weren’t there? I mean both are led by intense leaders who appear to rule with an iron fist. Both seemed to have little regard for the people in the other Districts caught in the middle of this war. Both wanted to mold Katniss for their own means.

Kristen: So what did you think of Alma Coin? I don’t think she was much different than President Snow–especially since she (most likely) killed Prim and tried to kill Katniss. Maybe she was even worse than Snow.

Jose: I have to agree. It’s interesting that leading up to Mockingjay you get the impression that this is all a noble struggle between the beaten down districts and the all mighty Capitol. Then we find out it’s about who wants to control Panem more, the President who smells of blood and roses or the very ruthless, power-hungry District 13 leader?

The Assassination of Alma Coin by the Mockingjay Katniss Everdeen

Jose: What did you think of how Katniss handled the execution of President Snow?

Kristen: I’m still in shock by the choice Katniss made. That was the best OMG moment in the book. I literally gasped out loud. Do you think it was just revenge for Prim’s death?

Jose: I think Katniss realized (with help from Snow no less) that Coin would be just as terrible a ruler as Snow was, and that she had a chance to break the cycle. I was completely shocked by it–I had to keep on rereading it because I thought it was a typo!

Kristen: Yeah, that’s what the rebellion was all about–freeing themselves from an oppressive leader.

Jose: It’s interesting that one of the subtexts near the end of the war was the role that Katniss would have in selecting the next leader of Panem. I think it was Boggs who pointed out that if she wasn’t for Coin she wouldn’t be of much use to the new government. It’s funny how Katniss pretty much decided that None of the Above was her option for future leader of Panem.

Kristen: Oooh, good point! Still, that was an impulsive–if courageous–move on her part.

Death, Death, and More Death

Kristen: Well, my prediction that either Gale or Peeta would die didn’t come true. Not that I’m complaining! But there were still a lot of casualties in the war. Prim’s death, of course, was the hardest to take.

Jose: I think Prim’s death really was the surprise that no one saw coming. In many ways Katniss’ role in this series was to protect Prim, and in the end she fails to do so (though not through her fault). The large number of deaths in the book really surprised me, but there was a war going on, so I shouldn’t be that surprised.

Kristen: Finnick’s death really made me sad too. His reunion with Annie was so sweet, but too short. And then there’s Cinna. I really had hoped that he would be alive in Mockingjay.

Jose: Me too, I was in that “I haven’t seen a body so there’s still a chance” camp. I think Cinna would’ve been nice addition to the book, even if only for a short bit.

Odds and Ends

Jose: After reading all the books, I’m kind of surprised I missed the ties to Roman history sprinkled throughout the books. Maybe Collins was treating the Hunger Games series as similar to Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire? The most clever connection was Plutarch becoming Secretary of Communications, since the original Plutarch was known for his biographies and essays.

Kristen: Cool, I didn’t make that connection. I’m really intrigued by “The Hanging Tree” song that kept popping up throughout Mockingjay (I keep humming it to the tune of “Lord of the Dance“). There’s a really interesting discussion of it over at Hogwarts Professor, who says that the song could be about a revolutionary that is urging people to join in his cause–that the song is really a call to arms. I like that idea because it also relates to the rope necklaces we see the characters making throughout the book.

Jose: Nice, I didn’t make the connection while reading the book. Now that you mention it, there’s a great quote attributed to Ben Franklin around the time of the Declaration of Independence, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately”. He was making the point that the colonies must join together in the war or risk perishing separately. (By the way, 13 Colonies – 13 Districts….coincidence? I think not!)

Kristen: What was your favorite quote? Mine was:

Peeta: “You love me. Real or not real?
Katniss: “Real.”

Jose: Mine was:

“Ally.” Peeta say’s the words slowly, tasting it. “Friend. Lover. Victor. Enemy. Fiancée. Target. Mutt. Neighbor. Hunter. Tribute. Ally. I’ll add it to the list of words I use to try to figure you out.”

So what did you guys think of Mockingjay? What moment did you think was most shocking? Did you cry when Prim died? Are you happy with the way Collins wrapped everything up? Share your thoughts and favorite quotes in the comments!

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  • Elanna

    I thought it was a bit of a let-down… I was quite disappointed. I was waiting for a great resolve that was so wonderfully led up with the first 2 books, but all I got was this empty unsatisfied feeling when I finished. The whole book feels dark and cold. At a lot of points it seems like just action and Katniss is just a pawn. There is no romantic development with the love triangle, she just lets Gale go away easily and it says she eventually gets with Peeta. By the time the book was over I actually didn’t care who she got with, since she never even dealt with her feelings or chose either of them.
    The plot was actually very confusing, but maybe that’s just because it was slow so I couldn’t really get into it. And Finnick?? WHY? Not cool at all. It wasn’t even a good heroic death either, he just gets his head ripped off. Seems like every good character had to die. And also, how come she had to conveniently pass out just as the war was coming to a close, and we miss out on how the war actually resolves? All that lead up for nothing?
    And why does she not even care about her mother? She just mopes around and hides in closets. And doesn’t try to help Peeta.
    Ugh. This book left me disappointed. I kind of wish I hadn’t read it because it wrecked my view of the excellent trilogy.

    • Dina

      I think I agree with you there but I have come to realise that Collins does all this in her books to make them all realistic. I mean, if this was true, its not like the end would be -and they all lived happily ever after-
      I was disappointed too, but as I said, I realised that Collins tried to make it realistic. But I do agree that maybe killing finnick and prim wasnt necessary and we should’ve at least been left with some hope to hang on to at the end.

  • renee

    okay… how come Katniss never loves anyone except Prim? Why is she so stagnant except for Prim? and then prim dies…. and then katniss wants the games to continue… what the heck, lesson NOT learned. kind of defeats the point. she became just like the capitol.

    • Dina

      prim isnt the only one katniss loves. And I, too, cant beleive she said yes to another hunger games!! I wanted to bash katniss for doing that.

  • Dina

    okay, well i was just listening to music and I came across a song that totally reminded me of what katniss would say to peeta in the cave (in the first book) or even what she says as rue dies (also in the first book). I just couldn’t help but notice. Please listen to hold my hand by akon and michael jackson and tell me what you think.
    thanks 😀

  • Katie

    So, this is pretty much my first real response to a blog which shows how much I have to get everything out of my system about this book. I just finished the series. And let me say, right from the start, that I’ve never felt this way about a book. Like everyone said, it is such an emotional rollercoaster. The Hunger Games was a book that consumed me, Catching fire was a book that held me, and Mockingjay was a book that both astounded and depressed me. I liked Mockingjay, not so much at the beginning-middle of the book because it felt like nothing was happening, but more at the middle-end of the book. I loved the psychological breakdown of it, I mean there are so many moments that I know if I was Katniss, I would just break down crying. I loved the mental battle she had with herself, because it really is so realistic. I mean I understand she’s not all happy and cheery to begin with, but the way she was behaving…being mentally unstable…was so true. It would happen to anyone in her situation. But, then again, my view could be skewed becauase I love books that deal with psycology and sanity, like the Bell Jar. I know that sounds strange. But anyways, I thought the way Suzanne Collins named the characters was brilliant. Katniss was the Mockingjay, then Gale, then Peeta Mellark. This may just be coincidence but Katniss and her two lovers/ friends/ whatever else, are all birds; Mellark, lark, and Gale like nightingale. And Finnick Odair, isn’t that just the most perfect name for that gorgeous victor from District 4. And Haymitch, that name just produces the exact image of who he is, cynnical and sarcastic,but helpful and intriguing. Just by the names, the book is wrapped in imagery.
    But anyways, I was so upset when Cinna was beaten, that scene just ripped me to pieces. And I cried so hard when Katness got Cinna’s sketch book where he wrote, ” I’m still betting on you,” it was just heartbreaking. I reread that line so many times. I love Cinna. Finnick was always that shocking character for me, first by being seductive, then becoming mad, then revealing the Capitol’s secrets. I loved him though, from start to end, he was just marvelous. I was suprised he died, and thought that Annie would have a mental breakdown again but I’m glad she held up. I had to reread the paragraph again to make sure I was reading right, that he was left to the muttations. He just seemed like such a vital character.
    As to Prim’s death and Katniss’s vote for the hunger games ( everyone seems to be writing about this), I think Katniss voted the way she did because she knew there wasn’t going to be another hunger games, because she was going to prevent it from happening herself. I think she didn’t believe it would be as drastic as killing off Coin in front of Panem, but she had plans. That seems evident when she talks about how it’s a never-ending cycle, and she voted yes to it to seem supportive of Coin, because even if she had voted no, in the years coming there may be another Hunger Games, or Coin would have found a way around it because people will always be hungry, hungry for blood and hungry for revenge, no matter how many years it’s been since the Capitol was overthrown. Katniss said she did it for Prim as in she was going to stop another Capitol from occuring for Prim, not because she wanted to avenge the Capitol for possibly killing Prim. As for Prim dying, I actually did not cry. I don’t know why, but I didn’t. It was probably because I was in shock, Prim was the reason for it all, the root of the rebellion that caused Katniss’s appearance in the games. I think it’s possible that Katniss realizes the truth before she actually shoots Coin, because she says that Snow was right, they agreed to be truthful with each other. Not that Katniss should trust Snow, but she seems like she has known the truth for a while. She probably didn’t anticipate her reaction, but she knew she had to do something about it.
    And finally, Peeta. This post is rediculously long. I guess I just have to a lot to say. I’ve loved Peeta from the start, as the boy with the bread. He’s always represented new hope to her, even when she was young, by giving her a piece of bread, to live, to start a new life. I hoped she would end up with him even though that seemed unlikely after they realized he was hijacked. Gale was right, about the survival thing. And I thought it was great that Katniss explained it, how Gale would just add fire to her own, but how only Peeta could represent new life, that dandelion, the first sign of spring. The ending was too quick for me and it left me feeling rather depressed. It just felt so much like I’d lost something that was irretrievable, and since I’ve finished reading it I’m still searching myself for the loss and where it may come from.

    • Michelle

      I really love your post. I agree with pretty much everything you had to say. :-) I really loved Finnick and Cinna. I was dissapointed when they were killed, especially Finnick for me. I didn’t cry when Prim died. Not sure why. And I completley agree with what you had to say regarding Katniss saying Yes to the hunger games. ^^

      I also <3 Peeta from the start as well. I'm not sure if Gale was right about the survival thing because sometimes as well as I think Gale knows Katniss I don't think he can understand what she's experienced or what she feels. But, I think Peeta was the right choice and he is/was a sign of hope for Katniss.

  • Dina

    If I could describe in a few words what the book was they would be:

    VERY thought-provoking
    Depressing -_-
    Amazing (at the same time)

    (I think I write too much on this blog) :)

  • Lauren

    I’ve read so many things about Katniss’ main goal- saving Prim- not being reached. But a point of this book is that people change. Do you still think of Katniss being the same girl as she was a year ago? (Quoting the book here) Prim? Peeta? Of course not. They changed, and so did their goals. :)
    What I most want to know from other people is if they think Katniss is happy at the end of the trilogy, or just… Moving throught life.

    P.S. PRIM! :O

    • Dina

      id like to think that katniss has moved on after all that. I mean, she would still get nightmares and stuff but i think shes happy being with peeta

    • Michelle

      I think she was just moving on with life. I think she gets small rays of happiness (her kids, etc), but I think she & peeta are forever broken people.

  • Maria

    When I was reading the book, I swear, I thought Katniss was going for Gale straight away because she new him better. But after what he did to Prim, I would of never had picked Gale. Katniss made a good choice.

    • Charliethebannaking

      what did he do to prim?

      • Michelle

        exactly. he didnt do anything except he had his hands in the creation of those bombs. he didn’t know they’d kill prim and if anything he saved prim after bombings of district 13 (prim would of died saving buttercup)

  • Natalie

    I couldn’t be happier with the ending. Mockingjay- no, the whole series was, hands down the best series I’ve ever read. And I thought I’d never say that. The paragraph in Mockingjay about Katniss & Peeta becoming close again did something to me that nothing ever has. I started to laugh a little, then I started to cry. I wasn’t really sad, I’m not sure what was going on. When Peeta was hijacked and attacked Katniss, I was so afraid that it would never be the same. I hoped, through all of Mockingjay, that it would end like this. Melancholy.

  • Abbymcooley

    A few things:
    1. At first, I thought she killed Snow.
    2. I cried about Finnick and Prim.
    3. I’m happy Buttercup made it.
    4. I’m for Gale, and I wish she’d chosen him. I mean, it’s like Twilight all over again. The friend, companion, teacher, humorous guy always loses. The guy that is sometimes frightening with his passion and possession always wins. And I liked Jacob better in Twilight. Personally, tan and tasty > pale and pasty

    • Michelle

      I actually think Peeta reminds me more of Jacob. The nice kid next door that has unconditional love for the girl even though he knows the girl could possibly love someone else.

  • Charliethebannaking

    poor prim..
    its sad b/c katniss goes thru all this to save her..and she dies anyways.
    stupid ending but great book. 😀

  • Anon

    I feel really bad for Gale! ='[ I was team Gale from the start but then in Mockingjay he gets all vengeful etc. etc., which I didn’t like but I assumed he would learn during the book that justice and peace doesn’t come with revenge. Well I hoped he would make this realisation before the book ended and before he did something kinda stupid and violent and vengeful. *sigh* And I guess he didn’t really. Man! That upset me sooo much! He’s STILL hungry for revenge. So saddd!

    I love Cinna too, such a good guy! So humble and modest. Yea I was hoping he’d make an appearance in the last book =] Oh! And Finnick! Dang why’d he have to die =[ He was so essential in Annie’s life. I felt they were meant to get their happy ending =]

    Then when Katniss killed Coin, I think it might’ve been a bit over the top? I mean actually shooting her in public like that and she didn’t tell anyone her cause for doing so. It kind of perplexed me. I mean I think she might’ve looked like the bad guy at the end to many of Panem. And no one was able to justify it. She didn’t justify it to the public. No one did. I mean people in 12 probably avoid her now? Put it down to ‘Katniss is crazy!’ But I guess that’s just how Katniss rolls! =D

    I didn’t particularly like how it ended. Kind of ended abruptly with her in her mental state, alone (save Peeta), struggling to cope. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad it was realistic but I just wish the epilogue was a bit more cheerful? With her happier as opposed to giving a rather formal account of what happened after about 20 years after the games. I felt it left it on a more depressing note than I would have liked.

  • michelle

    I just finished the last book and all I can say is wow. That was so depressing!!!

    The first book was awesome. It made me reallllly <3 Peeta.

    The second book, for me, took a while to pick up. It was kind of annoying that Gale was so upset at her. Obviously she was in a life or death situation (having to hook up w/Peeta). Plus, he never made a move so he should only be mad at himself for not getting with Katniss sooner. He should be happy that she's freaking alive after what she went through in the games, but instead he was angry because his feelings got hurt?? (a bit selfish, eh?) Peeta again showed his unconditional/undying love for Katniss, which made him a rockstar. Finnick starts to steal the show :-)

    The third book was tearing me up. It was hard to get through, but only because I didn't like what I was reading (not in sense that it was bad, but because it didn't have a happy ending… which it shouldn't the book was raw and more realistic). I really agree with past posters about district 13 paralleling the capitol. I was super sad to see Finnick get his head chomped off by a mutt was kind of disrespectful that his death was so quick and really not that big of a deal (especially after the whole Annie thing!?!) The underground scene when they all started to die all felt very rushed. I'm not sure if it was me reading fast to get through the book, but Prim's death felt the same way. She kind of pops up out of nowhere and bam! Although, I understand that this influences Katniss to make her next moves (be with Peeta – will always associate Prim's death with Gale & kill Coin after she realizes that Coin either setup that up or gave the OK to send Prim in to the battle field at such a young age).

    Not sure why everyone keeps saying "I can't believe Gale killed Prim". Come on guys. I don't really like Gale, but he didn't execute the orders to send Prim to the battlefield, let alone know that the bombs he helped with were going to kill her or little kids. I think Katniss will always associate Gale with her death, but she knows he's not the one who pulled the trigger.

    In the end – I agree that Katniss said Yes to the hunger games only because she never wanted their to be a hunger games ever again. I think Collins reinforces Katniss’s decision with the fact that Coin as some point says the idea was hers to have another Hunger Games. Which fuels Katniss's momentum to follow through with what she needed to do. I also believe that Haymitch and her have some sort of weird bond where they can read each other (which she states in the book) and he agrees with "the mockingjay" understanding what saying “yes” represents to them.
    It does seem like she kills Coin spontaneously. But, I really think she had the idea in her head that she needed Coin to think she was so hell bent against the Capital that Coin wasn't thinking twice that she could also be a target. I think at the end she had to reinforce her decision by remembering that Snow saying they promised they wouldn't lie to each other – which seals her decision and she shoots.

    The end really sucks that Peeta & Katniss are pretty much disfigured and Gale is out gallivanting around all handsome in district two (kissing another pair of lips). I’m sure he doesn’t see her again from the guilt of Prim. Plus the idea that Katniss may never want to see him again. It’s all for the best.

    The end between Peeta & Katniss was so depressing. It seemed like they were just trying to piece together what life they had left. But, there was definitely no fire left in either of them. They were both pretty broken people. Kind of jacked that Katniss’s mom didn’t come to take care of her after everything. I’m sure she was emo about Prim, but Katniss really needed her.

    The end was sad and depressing, but I think the book ending over all was raw and more realistic. (I'll re-read Twilight if I want all bunnys and rainbows at the end of a series :-))

  • Nyssa

    Like everyone else, I’m searching the internet for answers. Prepare for a long review.

    After I finished the book I was left staring at “The End.” I couldn’t believe it was all over… Just like that. I agree with others who say that Collins should have added a few more chapters summing everything up. I think she could’ve done that while still keeping it real. Honestly, the thing that bugged me the most was the ending. So many things were unresolved! But we are looking at this story through Katniss and we all know she’s gone.

    I have to admit, like Johanna said, I thought Katniss was pretty hard to swallow at times. I would get so angry with her, but I would start to think of myself in her shoes. With everything that’s happened to her, how else could she react? If it happened to any one of us, I bet most of us wouldn’t go on. I know I’d go insane. So many loved ones dead because of her. And she saw most of them die with her own eyes. Her fire has gone out and she’s left burnt and helpless. The Katniss we all know and loved from the 74th Hunger Games is gone. And so are many other Characters in the series. Either dead or aren’t themselves anymore.

    Peeta Mellark. I loved Peeta from the very beginning. He was the reason for my smiles in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I was rooting for him all the way. Whenever Katniss was with Gale, my mind would always wander to Peeta. He’s one of my favorite characters in the series. It’s just that in Mockingjay, he wasn’t Peeta anymore. After Catching fire, he was gone. Changed forever. And my heart broke. Especially at the end. When I started reading Mockingjay, I kept anticipating the return of Peeta. And after chapters and chapters we finally got him back only to find out he was hijacked. Great. Leave it up to Snow to do the unthinkable (I really think Snow should be part of a “most villainous of villains” list. He would really make it up there. Coin too.) So throughout the book I was torn not only for Peeta, but for Katniss too. I think deep down I always knew she loved him best, though Collins kept me thinking otherwise.

    The whole love-triangle thing was driving me insane! It was hard to predict who she was going to be with (Peeta all the way!). It was like this: Gale, Peeta, Gale, Peeta, Gale… Peeta <3 Everyone keeps going on about how Gale was right for her. I totally disagree. Sure, they’re compatible… Gale could even be the male-version of Katniss! But Katniss doesn’t need that. She needs Peeta. The boy with the bread. “The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again.” Also with the thoughts that Katniss and Gale have gone through so much together, the only argument you have with that is time. They’ve known each other longer. Well, who’s to say that Katniss and Peeta haven’t gone through a lot together? They were put into the arena twice. Fighting to keep each other alive. And surviving. That sure seems like a hell of a lot to go through to me. Plus, throughout the books, Katniss only felt that “warm, curious feeling” with Peeta. Once in the cave in The Hunger Games, another by the beach in Catching Fire, and again when she’s recovering with Peeta in Mockingjay. Never with Gale. Sure, Katniss was confused. Who wouldn’t be after bad things happening at the end of every chapter.

    The deaths. They just kept coming and coming. It was unbearable. I was on the verge of tears so many times throughout the series. It’s just you get so attached to them and can’t help but wish that some of them could have been spared. Some COULD have. I’m all for Collins making this real because this is what happens in wars. People die. It’s just in a book you leave reality for a bit and their world becomes yours. It’s just so hard watching them die. I wish she spared some of them. Especially Finnick. He was so happy being reunited with Annie, he was finally returning to his old self. Then dead. Just like that. I completely agree with others when they say his death was so insignificant to the story. He was an amazing character. He didn’t deserve to die like that, with close to no time for his mourning. As for Prim’s death… It was a shock. I never thought Prim would die. I didn’t shed any tears. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t so attached to her. I mean, she’s a great character. I liked her. It’s just I wasn’t attached to her like Rue, the Victors, Katniss’ squad members in the Capitol, Finnick, and Cinna. Why did he have to die? I loved them all.

    I’m not exaggerating when I say I read all the comments on here before I posted mine lol! This is one of the comments that caught my eye:

    “Question- Did anyone else notice the detail that Peeta was the only other one burned in the fire from the bomb, besides Katniss? I wonder why that detail was included? To make us realize how close Peeta was to Katniss, even though she couldn't see him! That he was ready to protect her, as he had always done! The book doesn't give any other details except for how the fire was extinguished off of her, something about falling, water, and birds. I'd like to think it was Peeta who pushed her to the water and saved her! It only seems fitting that it would be him that somehow saved her, which was his sole goal throughout the whole story!!! A hopeless romantic, I know ;)”

    ^ GENIUS! I never made the connections with the Burn marks! I’d like to think he was there too. Makes me feel a whole lot better.

    All in all, this book was… Nothing like anything I’ve read before. It was depressing I can tell you that, but it was good. It kept me up all night, kept my mind occupied throughout the day. And like another poster said, the book haunts us. That’s how I know it’s so good. I can honestly say it isn’t my favorite part of the series, but it’s a sad… good way to end it.

    Katniss and Peeta aren’t the same two who first entered the arena in The Hunger Games. They’ve changed. It’s impossible not to. Others say they’re just going on with their lives, picking up the broken pieces, and trying to hold themselves together. Well, you know what? I applaud them. At least they’re trying to LIVE instead of resulting to liquor like Haymitch. It may not be the perfect life we all hoped for them, but it’s something. It’s not like they’re going through each day because they have to. No. They have a choice to live and they’re trying to. There’s kisses, caresses, and Katniss finally realized her love for Peeta. She loves him enough to have his babies even when she was so against it. And it wasn’t so easy. It took her 15 years to agree. You can tell she really does love him. Oh, And who said Katniss can’t be a mother? She was practically a mother to Prim once her mother fell into that depression. The only reason she didn’t want kids was because of the games, but it’s done. She’s still paranoid, but you can tell she loves them by the way she says “Only the joy of holding her in my arms could tame it”. So people could go on and on about how they’re all zombies, and all this war was all for nothing because it wasn’t. Already you can see that the future’s a little brighter. Maybe not for Katniss and Peeta, but for the generations to come. It’s a depressing story, but it’s real. That’s what makes it so memorable.

    Huh, I actually feel better.

    (Sorry for the ridiculously long review!)

    • Stephanie Hechanova

      waah! I can totally agree with all your saying, I haven’t felt okay with the book when I read all the comments. I thought I was the only one getting insane. Haha,

  • Bob

    I loved the whole story but i thought the ending was completely rushed. The way Gale justs leaves her never speaking to her again, the fact that there are no comments on the state of the country just leaves it kind of tasteless. I do like the 3rd book though, how we see another side of Peeta then the guy that always supports her no matter what. The fact that Katniss said yes to the 76th games kinda confused me even thoufg it was clear she was gonna kill Coin. It was also obvious that 13 had launched those bombs for a couple of reasons: 1st, Katniss recognizes them as being from the rebels. She says it herself. 2nd, just recall that moment when shes talking to Gale and Beete and they tell her about a weapon that lures people in, in times of despair just to have them crushed. Prim dying was clearly meant to be and there were some hints along to book imo. Oh well, overall i really like the triology, just wished the ending would have been more specific.

  • Stephanie Hechanova

    I think it was the best trilogy that I have ever read, although I was kind of disappointed on the death of Finnick, Prim, and the other valuable characters. I was also shocked when Katniss killed coin, and President Snow has some conscience. I wished it has a continuation, wherein Katniss and Peeta lived their life happily, mending their broken lives. Gale was also a disappointment, maybe if he became the leader of Panem, he might as well be like Snow or Coin. I read the trilogy for three days, and I lost my grip to reality because of it. Until now, I can’t stop thinking about it. I hope that the movie turns out well and won’t be like the Percy Jackson film, which was so far from the real story. I think I will read it again. I’m going insane. Haha

  • Stephanie Hechanova

    I think it was the best trilogy that I have ever read, although I was kind of disappointed on the death of Finnick, Prim, and the other valuable characters. I was also shocked when Katniss killed coin, and President Snow has some conscience. I wished it has a continuation, wherein Katniss and Peeta lived their life happily, mending their broken lives. Gale was also a disappointment, maybe if he became the leader of Panem, he might as well be like Snow or Coin. I read the trilogy for three straight days, and I lost my grip to reality because of it. Until now, I can’t stop thinking about it. I hope that the movie turns out well and won’t be like the Percy Jackson film, which was so far from the real story. I think I will read it again. I’m going insane. Haha

  • Spat_11

    I hated the Mockingjay! The Hunger Games is one of my all time fav books and I loved catching Fire but that last book ruined it for me so I can’t say it’s my favorite series.

    • Spat_11

      I mean what Peeta and Katniss had going was beautiful and tragic. It was ruined in that last book.

  • Ecwride

    i didn’t think finnick should have died. he had such a rubbish life if you think about it
    i would really like to have of katnisses songs there as well
    some people wish the series lasted longer but i think it was good she left the audience hungry
    coin also deserved to die and im glad katniss made the decision
    she also seems kinda emotionless about her children in the epilogue. there was no such thing as a happy ending in this book. i mean most the heroes in it end up dead or depressed

  • The Reader

    Although the ending was not what I expected, it was a good ending in my opinion. A war is a war and definitely there would be a lot of damages as well as casualties. I have a feeling that I’m missing a point in the novel as to why such events went the way they were. No matter how we look at it, this is a story about a revolution against centuries of oppression and having a “happy ending” just sounds wrong. Though things went well in the end, I appreciate the fact that the characters still had to struggle within everyone and themselves about the outcome. They fought something that had physically and mentally damaged them that is why I commend Suzanne Collins for the fact that she made things realistic as to how a “real person” would react to such events. It just shows that this is a well researched novel though fictitious. Though it may seem “hurried” in the end, I believe that it leaves readers with a sense of lingering thoughts and imagination as to how the characters are handling their demise in a scarred but a country reborn nonetheless. I guess it gives people a sense of hope no matter how damaged they may be.

  • Kola

    Despite the fact that I cannot deny what a wonderful series of books (or rather, trilogy’s) Suzanne Collins has created and that I will without a doubt be looking for other books that are probably just as successful as this one and the two others…..I still can’t really grasp my head around how much Mockingjay left me confused. It was almost as if I had over 10 questions within every page and 10 more after each chapter. First and foremost, I need to get this off my chest considering the fact that I just finished the book a couple of minutes ago. I DO NOT appreciate the high amounts of deaths that occur in this book. The violence I could care less about, but the unnecessary deaths are what pisses me off the most. Such as Prim. The thirteen year old innocent child that was the start of the revolution, the reason behind everything. You want to know what happend to her? She was brutally murdered (that’s the way I see it) by the author of this book. WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A HORRIBLE THING? It was completely unnecessary and didn’t prove anything other than what a despicable human being Coin was. And when President Snow told Katniss the truth, it was already given that she was going to kill coin one way or another. The thing that disturbed me the most though, was how the book ended. No I’m not referring to the last pages of the book were Katniss and Peeta live happily and crazed, ever after. What I mean is how the author chose to end the characters lives…..not literally, but more like how Peeta went mad and never bounced back from it. Or how Katniss gave up on everything and everyone and didn’t even have the decency to confront Coin about what she did to her sister and just chose to end her life painlessly. Or how she still considered Gale a “friend” (or even remotely cared for him) of some sorts even though he clearly played a big part of prims murder. And that for him, human lives are meaningless when it comes to the bigger picture. And ugh don’t even get me started on Haymitch. He was such a worthless character. If anyone should have died in Mockingjay it should’ve been him. In most parts of the the book and the other two as well, all he ever did was drink repeatedly (more than that, actually) and wallow in self pity. He did not contribute to anything important whatsoever other than keeping Katniss and some of her friends alive. Which for me, I not really that big of a deal considering how Katniss never really fully accepted her fate as the leader of this new society that had been created. She should have done it. She should have pulled it together. For prims sake.

    So needless to say, Mockingjay left me disappointed.

  • Apetersonrules

    i LOVED peeta and katiss’s love. i also loved prim and rue. in the end after boggs dies it gets kinda confusing like are they in the caitol or not. i have like 2 pages left but i dont get it help

  • Fobgrl16

    I literally cried when Finnick died. 

  • Carlota

    For me, Prim´s death blew off the whole thing. I didn´t know what it was but every time someone died before Prim it was sad but there was still hope for something. When Prim died, I realized that it was her the thing that kept my (and probably Katniss´s too) hope up. When she died, everything just… well, I couldn´t stop crying and i realized that until I calmed down I would not be able to keep reading as anything I read made sense. I cannot imagine how it must have been for Katniss. She had coped with all possible death´s but Prim´s. I still don´t want to think its true. People say that the ending is happy but sad, but for me is just horrible.

  • ALex

    This book was sad at times but I have to admit the ending was so happy it almost made me want to cry when Peeta and Katniss get married and have those two kids.


      i think they just got together because they had no one else
      Peeta- no family died
      Katniss- has a mother but doesnt like her alot and Primrose Everdeen has dies:( Gale left

      • Mya

        i disagree katniss didn’t want to marry or have kids at all. the fact she does   with Peeta shows how much she chose and loved him. I think she loved him since before Finnick saw it during the games when Peeta almost died

  • bubbles!!!$

    that was super helpfull!!!! i mean the beginning of the book was kinda boring so i just needed to know what happens and btw GO TEAM PEETA!!!!!! thank you so much!!!! it was SO useful!!!!


      TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAY can you answer my question is peeta messed up when katniss and peeta get married or the only time he has problems is that just it please i need to know


    i feel as the ending was rushed. I thought when Katniss would kill snow that peeta would turn back to normal:(. i loved peeta in the hunger games ancathing fire but then i didnt really like him in mockingjay beacuase it wasnt peeta it was a messed up version of peeta. then in the end i dont get how your best friend just leaves you. also i got angry with katniss betraying gale and peeta being almost a player why couldnt she just choose and not be a mean girl. also in the end is peeta all messed up or only at some times is he the same peeta we all know and loved<—– PLEASE ANSWER….. collins is very good but since it was the last book JUST END ON A HIGH NOTE

  • Ellie72743

    I think the ending of MockingJay was so sad! I’ve been crying on and off all day about it. Odd as it is, I didn’t mind Prim’s death as much as I did Cinna’s and Finnick’s. Not to mention, Finnick would never be able to be father to the child he didnt know about. I think it’s just sad, all of it. But I’m left wondering if Gale knew Prim was in that group of children? And why he wanted to blow up the children. I was rooting for him from the beginning! I love Peeta as well, but Gale was my choice. Though Peeta was more romantic, Gale had an edge to him, and they’d been close friends. I think Collins did fantastically, I just wish there was room for more books!

  • Kayla Nowlin

    I cried almost throughout the entire book, One because i I didn’t want the series to end, and two because Collins really let you get to know the characters, and then you experience how much they’ve been through, which changed them in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. Im still terribly confused when it comes to what Gale did, He seemed so….caring For Katniss , and then He is suppose to be the one of designed the bomb, and he leaves Katniss, and doesn’t even say goodbye. I thought he really cared about her, maybe even more than Peeta did, so it makes no logical sense in my brain lol.  But then I realized how absolute and perfect the ending was, even If I didn’t want to believe it . Love is unforgiving . And so is the rope in which it hangs by .   

  • Aorourke

    Gale merely designed a good weapon. Coin used it to kill prim. Would you blame the inventor of the gun for every death caused by a gun? It’s ridiculous. I loved gale and peeta, but I don’t blame gale for going to 2. He realized the girl he loved was gone and would never fully love just him so he started over in 2 giving katniss no choice but peeta.

  • Anonymous

    A real deconstruction of the book shows just how bad it is.   The writing is sloppy and there is no character growth.   There are plot holes I could sail a cruise ship through.

    Ms Collins put her agenda over what was best for the story, characters and readers.

    She did a complete character assasination on Gale.

    The only ones that liked this book are the readers that were ‘for Peeta’.  They ignore the fact that Katniss was turned into a selfish, whiny a-hole.   She didn’t do anything unless there was something in it for her.   She didn’t care about anyone’s feelings other than her own.

    And people need to quit saying that Gale’s bomb killed Prim.  Gale had a design. That was it.  If anyone built it, it was Beetee.

    And what gave Katniss the right to be judge, jury and executioner of Coin?  She was no better than Snow.

    And Peeta does nothing interesting through three books.  He was dead weight that Katniss or Finnik and even Gale had to constantly save.   In order to see Katniss’s flaws, his brain had to be chemically altered by the capital.   He was a liar, manipulator and emotional blackmailer from the beginning until the end.  He was a creepy stalker.  And how could he understand what Katniss went through.  He didn’t kill anyone.  It was Gale that would understand because he actually had to take human lives to defeat the capital.  Let’s not forget that he was with Katniss the whole way through the capital and he also saw the horror of the ‘traps’.

    When you grow up and finally find the right person, they will be more similar to you than different.   So to say that Katniss needed someone that was the opposite of Gale is nonsense.  She had no fire at the end of Mockingjay.  She needed someone like Gale to reignite what she once had.  Not a ‘yes man’ like Peeta.   And I don’t care how f’d up you are, you won’t stay with someone that repeatedly pesters you about having kids over a 15 year period.  It just doesn’t work that way.

    I’m just glad wisened up to the emotional trainwreck that was Katniss Everdeen and got as far away as possible.

    • Laura_mccord

      amen to that. peeta should have ended up with someone like delly, or been killed. collins destroyed all of the redeeming qualities of all of the main characters, and the ending makes no sense whatsoever. she must have been as drunk as haymitch  when she wrote the conclusion to such an amazing series. i am NOT HAPPY.

    • Naval Gilles

      Im pretty sure Peeta saved her life in the 1st, second, and 3rd book.
      I’m pretty sure she had enough fire for a lifetime after the Hunger games (twice) and leading a revolution. 

  • Laura_mccord

    am i the only person who was pissed the fuck off that katniss ended up with peeta instead of gale, and gale conveniently got randomly written off as some asshole who just abandoned the girl that he has been there for since the first chapter of the first book, and has loved even longer than that? i kept waiting for gale to swoop in at the end of the book, but instead we just get a rushed description of katniss and peeta’s mediocre life together, where she eventually settles for him. peeta should have been killed off. it would have been sad, but necessary. katniss’ entire personality shouldn’t have deteriorated in the last 10 pages of the novel, and, being the hero of the trilogy, she shouldn’t have ended up settling for a passionless romance while everyone else, who we were lead to believe cared about her and loved her though out the entire series, just randomly disappeared and cut themselves out of her life forever. what the fuck happened to the story that i fell in love with? even if peeta did live, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to end up with someone like delly? they were practically the same person. the ending is rushed and unrealistic. i despised it, and i wish i could unread it and rewrite it myself.

    • S_hoxsie

      I think Peeta was the only one who could truely understand Katniss. As for Gale, I think there was too much uncertainty in how much of a hand he had in the trap that killed Prim. I think the resentment would have made it impossible for them to be together.

  • Mary

    I am just so happy she ended up with Peeta. I knew Gale ended up being up to no good… Haha I really don’t know why, but I wasn’t too upset about prim dying. I guess because she acted so much older than she was and it just annoyed me. Idk why. And her mom always bothered me too. I love the quote from catching fire “I wish i could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever” -Peeta. Team peeta!

  • ChrisE

    This question stems more from Catching Fire, but then into Mockingjay too i think – one other thing that I’m not sure was ever clarified was the possible relationship that was questioned between Gale and Madge, when she brought him the medicine.  Was there something going on between them? 
    Or was that just brushed off when Katniss realized later that Madge’s aunt died in Haymitch’s HGs (and that this is what causes her mom’s head pain, remembering her own sister)

  • Sszabo

    I want to know what people think about Katniss voting for one more Hungar Games.  Was she serious?  Was it planned that she would kill Coin?

    • Greg Begay

      I think she just realized that Coin was no better than Snow. And she knows that Coin sent Prim to her death. Her focus on taking Snow out has shifted to target Coin.  I don’t think she was seriously voting for another hunger games.

  • Shane

    Adding to your comment about the 13 colonies, if this was partly insparation then I could see Great Britian being ‘the Capitol.’ I was also unsatisfied where as if Panem is still ruled by a Capitol figure or is the government similar that we have in the US today.

  • Maribel

    The last book ended very abruptly! I just felt like Collins could of been more detailed on the aftermath of  the characters. What happen to Gale? Does he ever visit Katniss? Does she still feel for him? I know she feels for Peeta as well but I feel like if Gale ever came back into her life (after the war) she would be confused all over again. I loved Peeta’s character, the way he loved Katiness is truly rare especially now a days and I am very happy that they ended up together (even though at times I felt Katniss did not deserve him).  Overall, it was a depressing ending with Prim’s death and her mothers once again abandonment as well as Gale’s. :(

  • Shazaannnadeem

    I cried so much at the end of the book, I don’t know what…but something was missing..I felt empty, it’s weird how attached I had become with  the books in literally 4 days. What was it?! Also Peeta was so sweet, caring..loving and everything in the first two books, what happened to him was so cruel and probably made me feel so depressed. Especially the bit where he had to hang onto the chair so the flashbacks would do go away. Awwhhh, what do I do now? I hope the movie ending will be better!

    • Krystynadh

      I completely agree. I missed the old Peeta and I feel like I need another book for closure.

  • Krystynadh

    I honestly felt that there was too much emphasis on the fighting. I Understand there was a war, but I wish there was more detail on the aftermath of the war. I also wish there was more to how Katniss and Peeta grew closer again. I felt like I was left hanging in the end.

  • Jennielee226

    My favorite quote was from Plutarch towards the end of the book. It summed up the whole series for me. “We are fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a great gift for self-destruction”

  • Iwr

    While reading this, I thought that it was the worst book in the series, but after reading the end and having my heart settled down by these comments, I feel it is a Newberry worthy book. Although it is depressing, I think it is a great book. At first I was confused with wheather or not it was Gale who made the bomb, but from spoilers I found out. Awesome OMg moments and I’m happy Gale’s gone. I’ve always hated him for some reasona nd he made me cringe.