Read the First Two Chapters of Tom Clancy’s DEAD OR ALIVE

Penguin has posted the first two chapters of Tom Clancy’s highly anticipated new book Dead or Alive on their website. It’s Clancy’s first book in 7 years, and will feature familiar characters like Jack Ryan, Jack Ryan, Jr., John Clark, Ding Chavez, and Mary Pat Foley. Dead or Alive will be released on December 7, 2010. Read the first two chapters here.

After you check out the preview, come back here and let us know what you think!

Publisher’s summary of Dead or Alive by Tom Clancy:

For years, Jack Ryan, Jr. and his colleagues at the Campus have waged an unofficial and highly effective campaign against the terrorists who threaten western civilization. The most dangerous of these is the Emir. This sadistic killer has masterminded the most vicious attacks on the west and has eluded capture by the world’s law enforcement agencies. Now the Campus is on his trail. Joined by their latest recruits, John Clark and Ding Chavez, Jack Ryan, Jr. and his cousins, Dominick and Brian Caruso, are determined to catch the Emir and they will bring him in . . . dead or alive.

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  • Kchan

    Dead or Alive needs serious editing.
    The authors are confused about swedes and swiss (it is not inconceivable to have swiss pilots chapter 2 and and swiss cosmetic surgeons based in Sweden but more likely confusion from the authors).
    Chapter 39, Clark and Ding visit Jack Ryan Sr., they walk into the kitchen for lunch, and next paragraph they are in the car????
    Fatal error from Mr. Clancy expert on submarine, chapter 56, “Spent nuclear fuel rods DO NOT float”.
    The death of Brian Caruso shook the authors so bad that they could not substract or they confused the twin brother themselve: Chapter 69, after Brian get shot, Dominic got turned to Brian, a Mossberg shotgun with six shots loaded still retained six shots after three firing.Timeline also get screwed in the Epilogue, “Six days had passed since Yucca, four since Brian’s body…” should be “Four…Yucca, six since…”
    Politics Ahhh!!! Kealty presidency follows Ryan’s, Kealty is in a rush to get out of Iraq, a situation he apparently inherited from the previous administration but there is no mention of starting the war nor comments from the Ryan clique. Nebulous indeed.

  • David Ocema

    I’ve read numerous Tom Clancy novels including Clear and Present Danger, Op Center, The Cardinal of the Kremlin, and The Teeth of the Tiger… and can’t wait to get my hands on Dead or Alive.
    Mr. Clancy belongs to the class of the likes of Joe Weber, Robert Ludlum, Guy Durham and Sidney Sheldon.

  • Ceil1

    Not up to Clancy’s usual standards .  And I was annoyed by killing off Brian Caruso – the one character who seems to have some qualms about all the slaughter going on in this book.  Seems like he was dispatched for no other reason than to be able to pair Jack jr. with Clark.