The Hunger Games – What Kind of Tribute Are You?

Your standing in an enclosed arena with 23 other people. Only one of you can live. The horn sounds and everyone begins to run, you have entered The Hunger Games. Thanks to the awesome recommendation by Kristen and Jose, I have finally finished the heart pounding, science fiction trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Now I find myself asking the inevitable question, what kind of tribute would I be?

**Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read the books and plan to, you may not want to read this post as there are some spoilers**

Before I reveal my answer, let’s talk about the different types of tributes we see in The Hunger Games.

The Hoarder
: The was the strategy used by Foxface. She never really did any fighting or hunting of her own. She hid in the shadows and stole everyone’s food and let them do the fighting for her.

The Careers: These tributes are normally older and train their whole life for the games. Where other tributes are chosen at the reaping against their will, the Careers normally volunteer to go. They are always well trained, ready to fight and normally do very well in the games

The Lover: This was Peeta. His strategy was to keep Katniss alive, and since only one of them can live, he chose love over life.

The Cut N Run: This was the strategy suggested by Haymitch. Let everyone else fight over the food and the weapons while you high tail it the heck out of there and find some water and a place to sleep.

The Alliance:
This ‘safety in numbers’ strategy was used by both the Careers and Katniss. The only problem is that this only works up to a point since only 1 person is allowed to win the games.

So what kind of tribute would I be? I would definitely be the Hoarder. I don’t think I could kill anybody and I have no idea how to hunt so my only options would be to hide and steal from others. I don’t think I could form an alliance and then turn around and kill my friends, so I would try to stay alive and hopefully let everyone else do the killing.

What about you? What kind of tribute would you be? Would you cut and run or battle it out at the cornucopia for food and weapons? Leave me a comment and let me know your strategy!

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  • Kristen

    Great question! I think I would Cut n Run. Just get the heck out of there and hide somewhere. Hopefully I could find food and water, but I guess that would depend on the arena.

  • David

    I think I would be more of a Beetee from the second book. I would look for some clever way of killing everyone without sword, axe or bow and arrow play. Set them all up to be electrocuted, thats works for me!

  • SabrinaLovee

    I’d proabaly be the careers. I wouldnt team up proabaly but i’d be the one too run to the Cornnacopiua grad a backpack, kinves, and a compound bow and a few sheths of arrows and get the hell out. I would find a good place to find, and kinda chill and obsereve then once the tribute number is down and the allieneces are rocky i’d strike. I’d be pretty damn leathal up in that joint.

  • Ruth

    I would Cut and Run. I probably wouldn’t last too long.

  • Dina

    Tough one…
    I dont really like the idea of forming alliances or being a career. You’ll just have to kill one of your allys in the end.

    I reckon the hoarder.
    I would like not having to kill anyone and just let the others do most of the killing.

  • Heather Morris Catlin

    I think I’d try to allign with a Career. I’m not a leader and don’t like to be alone with my fears so I’d definitely probably try to team up with someone. I’d also get to the cornocopia and scoop up as many things as I could possiby (and probably get killed while scooping! LOL)

  • Eloc

    I think i would be mix of hoarder and career meaning i only fight if i have to.