THE SWORD VOL 3: EARTH By The Luna Brothers [Review]

I finished the next book in The Sword series by The Luna Brothers today – Volume 3: Earth. I must say I’m feeling a little sad that I only have 1 more in the series to read, it’s been a fantastic ride up to now. In the previous volume, Dara Brighton sought out Zakros, the god that brutally murdered her sister right before her eyes. In volume 3, Dara has her sights set on Knossos, the god that killed her mother. Julie and Justin come along as well, as all three of them are wanted for being fugitives they have little choice in the matter.

As with volume 2, I took issue with how easily Dara and her friends find Knossos. All they really know is that he’s in Mexico producing drugs. They basically follow the first drug dealer they come across who leads them right to Knossos. Really dude? Drug dealers are about as plentiful in Mexico as snowflakes are in Alaska. I was hoping for a little more detective work from the crew this time and I felt disappointed.

However, just like last volume after I was able to get over that aspect of the comic, I enjoyed it very much. Knossos proves to be a tougher adversary than Zakros and the fight scenes were amazing. There are also some flashbacks that reveal some VERY interesting things about some of the main characters and there is a surprising twist at the end.

I’ll probably start Vol 4 today which is sadly the last installment of the series. After that I’ll be starting “Y The Last Man” so check back soon for more comic book reviews!

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Image Comics | Pages:152 | Buy on Amazon

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