Chloe Moretz Wants to Play Katniss in HUNGER GAMES Movie

Chloe Moretz has been rumored to be on the shortlist of actresses to play Katniss in The Hunger Games movie, and a new interview with the 13-year-old actress lends credence to that rumor. MTV recently interviewed Chloe about her movie Let Me In, and they asked her about playing Katniss. She says that she’s currently reading the first book in the trilogy, and “Katniss is my homegirl.” Chloe adds, “I would absolutely die to be in The Hunger Games. I’m just sayin’ that.”

Check out the interview below.

We’ve been chatting about the possibility of Chloe Moretz playing Katniss in The Hunger Games movie here, and everyone seems to have a different opinion. What do you think about Chloe as Katniss? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Amie

    I think it could possibly work – but she does seem a little young.

  • Emilyw1133

    Katniss is described as looking older than her age-this girl is ignorant, and would be a horrible Katniss.
    Chole looks around 12–she could pull off Prim possibly. Being a huuuge Hunger Games fan, this would ruin the entire movie for me. In the third book, Mockingjay, Katniss will be in battle, and leading an army. Do you honestly view Chole Moretz doing that? No. She would not be taken seriously throughout the film, and I can think of many scenes where this would apply. For example, the intense battle scenes, where she gets badly wounded-and the romance scenes with Peeta and Gale. Chole is a Prim. Chole is NOT A KATNISS AND NEVER WILL BE. SHE DOESN’T EVEN LOOK THE PART, OR HAVE THE ACTING TALENTS TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THE TRILOGY.


    • Ngmoore

      Chloe turns 14 on Feb.10. With her new growth she looks 16 or older. Look at her interviews and you’ll see a different girl then the one you described.
      Old Timer (George Moore)

  • fgnfgh

    thank GOD they didn’t choose HER.