DC Comics, Marvel Drop Prices

Timed to coincide with New York Comic Con, DC Comics has announced the price point for the majority of their titles is dropping from $3.99 to $2.99. The new prices will go into effect in January 2011.

Similarly, David Gabriel, Senior VP of Sales & Circulation at Marvel, announced, “Because of some of the digital sales, we’ll be going back to $2.99 for some titles in January.”

There is a slight tradeoff though. For DC Comics, the $2.99 price will mean 20 pages of story, as opposed to the current 22 pages (most comic books are 32 pages total, but the actual story is less). Marvel isn’t cutting back on pages, but $2.99 price will only apply to “some titles.”

Here’s more about why DC is rolling back prices:
“As Co-Publishers, we listened to our fans and to our partners in the retail community who told us that a $3.99 price point for 32 pages was too expensive. Fans were becoming increasingly reluctant to sample new titles and long term fans were beginning to abandon titles and characters that they’d collected for years.” said Dan DiDio, DC Comics Co-Publisher. “We needed a progressive pricing strategy that supports our existing business model and, more importantly, allows this creative industry to thrive for years to come. With the exceptions of oversized comic books, like annuals and specials, we are committed to a $2.99 price point.”

(Source: The Beat)

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