THE SWORD VOL 4: AIR By The Luna Brothers [Review]

So, I finally finished The Sword comic book series (my first ever real venture into the world of comics) and I have to give it up to Eric and Sandie for recommending them – they were so much fun!

I love me a good tale of vengeance by an ass-kicking female and The Sword Vol 4: Air really delivered. In the earlier volumes the main character, Dara Brighton (a sweet tempered paraplegic art student), life gets torn apart when three mysterious strangers show up to her home and brutally murder her whole family right before her eyes. Armed with a magical sword, Dara’s body is healed and she becomes a powerfully angry woman with a vengeful agenda.

In Vol 4: Air, Dara and her two friends Justin and Julie confront Malia – the god of air that killed her father. During a confrontation with Malia, Dara learns more about her father’s mysterious past – and not all of it it pretty. By far the darkest book in the series, Vol 4 will have you questioning the motives of everyone, including Dara. There are some major twists and an ending in my opinion that was very surprising.

The Sword series is a great one to get into if you are new to comics like myself. The writing is awesome, the characters are interesting and the plot keeps developing until the very last page. Volume 4 was a perfect way to end the series in my opinion – you’ll be thinking about it days after you finish!

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Image Comics | Pages: 168 | Buy on Amazon

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