Judge Refuses to Dismiss HARRY POTTER Plagiarism Case

J. K. Rowling’s lawyers petitioned London’s High Court last week to dismiss the plagiarism case against the Harry Potter author, but Judge David Kitchin refused. Although the judge called the charges “improbable,” the case may go to trial.

The estate of late writer Adrian Jacobs, creator of Willy the Wizard, is suing Rowling for plagiarism. They claim the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is similar to a wizard competition in Jacob’s 1987 book The Adventures of Willy the Wizard: Livid Land. Rowling is also accused of borrowing the idea of wizards traveling on trains.

The Jacobs estate claims he had given a copy of Willy the Wizard to literary agent Christopher Little, who now represents Rowling. Little denies this claim and calls Willy the Wizard “an appalling book.” The judge said in his ruling that “it is inherently improbable that Mr. Little would have thought it worth giving a copy to Ms. Rowling some eight years later.”

Rowling denies the charges and said that the claims are “not only unfounded, but absurd.” She says she only became aware of Willy the Wizard when the lawsuit was filed in 2004.

What do you think about this news? I just saw The Social Network last weekend, so I can’t help but compare the two cases. In the movie, Mark Zuckerberg had to settle the Facebook lawsuits because he would not have come across as sympathetic to a jury. However, J. K. Rowling is one of the most beloved authors on the planet. I can’t see a jury siding against the author of Harry Potter! Can you? Not to mention that the similarities between Willy and Harry seem weak. Do you think the Jacobs estate stands a chance against J. K. Rowling in court?

(Source: ABC News)

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