NAKED HEAT by Richard Castle [Review]

My favorite part of Mondays is watching Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic on ABC’s Castle, so I was excited to pick up Richard Castle’s second Nikki Heat book, Naked Heat. Nikki Heat is, of course, the fictional character based on the fictional New York homicide detective Kate Beckett (it’s very meta). Hotshot magazine writer Jameson Rook (based on Castle) recently wrote an embarrassing article about Nikki that shared lots of personal details and made her out to be the star of the NYPD. This didn’t go over well with Nikki or the other members of her squad like Raley and Ochoa (who are collectively known as Roach). Nikki has been dodging Rook’s phone calls and avoiding him since the article came out—until he shows up at her crime scene and she’s forced to deal with him. The homicide Nikki Heat is working is that of murdered gossip columnist Cassidy Towne. There is a long list of celebrities with motive to kill Towne, so Heat has her work cut out for her. It’s a juicy case and if Rook wants back on the team, he will have to make amends (kind of like Richard Castle in the season premiere).

I thought Naked Heat was fun, entertaining and even better than its predecessor, Heat Wave. TV tie-in books don’t exactly have a reputation for being that stellar, but this one is really good (which makes me wonder who actually wrote it). The characters were interesting and the whodunit aspect of the case had me guessing right up to the end. It still felt like an episode of the show (the dialogue was pitch perfect), and you could see how Castle incorporated elements of cases from the show into the book. But it didn’t just feel like any average episode—the story was a good one that deserved its own novel.

If you love the chemistry between Castle and Beckett, you will love the smoking hot chemistry between Rook and Heat. The book captures their signature banter as well. I think Naked Heat is a MUST read for Castle fans, but I’d also recommend it to anyone who likes James Patterson.

Quotes from Naked Heat:

“Man, you hear those wackos on talk radio and you wonder where they live.”

“Know what I’m calling you?” said Raley. “The nut whisperer.”

“She’s got balls, this one.”

“Go ahead. Rip my bodice.”

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Hyperion | Pages: 304 | Source: Purchased | Buy on Amazon

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