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From Fiction to Reality – Cool Ideas From Books

Here’s some news [2] that made my inner 8-year-old squeal with delight: food scientists in England recently created a technology that could make Willy Wonka’s three course meal gum a reality. The microcapsules would allow the gum to taste like tomato soup when you first start chewing, roast beef after chewing for awhile, and then eventually blueberry pie. And hopefully, unlike poor Violet Beauregarde, the gum chewer will not swell up like a blueberry and need to be juiced.

So this got me thinking about other cool ideas found in books. Here are a few things I would love see come to life from the pages of fiction.

Babel fish – I’d love to have a Babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In the book, you just pop it in your ear and you can understand different languages. Everybody has one, so they can understand you too. That would be very handy for traveling!

Apparition – How awesome would it be to be able to Apparate like in Harry Potter? You could instantly arrive in a location and completely avoid the airport and sitting in an uncomfortable seat for hours on end. I’m guessing a real world application of this would look more like a transporter from Star Trek, but that would still be cool.

Auto Chef – JD Robb’s futuristic Eve Dallas series is full of fun gadgets, but my favorite is the Auto Chef. You program it to make what ever you want – pizza, hamburgers, bacon and eggs, coffee—and, with just the touch of a button, it appears. I could get used to that! Not only would you save time on cooking, just think about all the dishes you wouldn’t have to wash.

So what fictional gadgets/ideas do you wish were real? Will you try three course meal chewing gum if it ever hits the market? Let me know in the comments!

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