THE WALKING DEAD By Robert Kirkman [Review]

I decided to check out The Walking Dead comic book series on a recommendation from some of my friends over at Daemon’s TV. I instantly was drawn in to The Walking Dead after reading Kirkman’s introduction. Basically, he explains how his goal is to make this a series based on the characters and how they deal with post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested life rather than a gory thriller (although it contains some of those elements as well). He warns that characters are going to be unrecognizable as the series progresses and he hopes we are able to see parts of ourselves in their individual struggles.

Aside from being obviously very passionate about his work, Kirkman proved to be a skillful writer in The Walking Dead. The story begins with our main character, Rick Grimes, waking up from a coma to find almost that almost the entire population had either died or turned into a zombie. He sets off to Atlanta with the hopes of reuniting with his wife and son as he was told the major cities were meant to be the safest place to go.

The Walking Dead certainly lived up to Kirkman’s introduction in that the story is much more focused on the characters, and the lengths they go to to stay alive, rather than the zombies that want to eat their flesh. In the words of the author, “In a world ruled by the dead we are forced to finally start living”.

Not the reading type? The Walking Dead is going to be a new television series on AMC. The show premieres on 10/31 – check out Daemon’s TV for more information.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Image Comics | Pages: 144 | Buy on Amazon

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