If you grew up reading the Sweet Valley High books, you will probably be psyched to hear that Francine Pascal is writing a new book that will check in with the Wakefield twins ten years after the original series. It’s called Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later, and you can see the cover above. The book will be released on March 29th (it’s available for pre-order on Amazon).

In Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later, Jessica and Elizabeth are now 26-years-old and navigating adulthood. The twins are now estranged and living on different coasts—Jessica in their hometown and Elizabeth in New York. Apparently, Jessica caused the rift and Elizabeth is looking to get revenge on her sister.

You can read the first chapter of Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later on the book’s website. Here’s a teaser:


New York
Elizabeth had turned the key in the Fox lock, releasing a heavy metal bar that scraped across the inside of the front door with an impressive prison-gate sound, and was about to attack the Segal lock when the phone in the apartment started to ring. By the time she had opened the second lock and was sliding the key into the last one—this was New York, after all—the phone was on its fourth ring.

At almost midnight, it had to be the West Coast calling.

She could still grab it in time, but Elizabeth didn’t hurry. Slow, with purpose. Slow, giving the internal anger and hurt time to shoot from zero to a hundred. It needed only seconds, like the start-up speed of a Maserati. Except it was never at zero. Not anymore. Hadn’t been for the last eight months. And she couldn’t imagine a time when it would ever be there again.

As always, the hurt overpowered the anger, and what welled up into her throat came with tears that choked her.

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