It’s been said that one of the hardest things to do is to write a sequel to a hit. The expectations are high, and it’s rare to recapture the same magic twice. I can only imagine this pressure is multiplied by a thousand when it’s an author who is writing a follow-up to a highly successful series. This is the challenge Rick Riordan takes on with The Lost Hero, a new book set in the Percy Jackson universe, and he delivers a perfect second act.

What is The Lost Hero about?
Jason wakes up on a bus at the Grand Canyon with no idea of who he is or how he got there. The girl sitting next to him, Piper, seems to be his girlfriend, and, Leo, who looks like a Latino Santa’s elf, says he’s a friend. When the trio narrowly survives an attack by monsters, they find themselves at Camp Half Blood, facing the new reality of being demigods. The camp is still not back to normal after the events from The Last Olympian, and, to top things off, the camp’s hero, Percy Jackson, has disappeared without a trace. Before Jason and his friends have a chance to settle in, they receive a quest from the Oracle, one that could lead to Jason’s memories and save Olympus from an evil force that is arising.

What I Liked About The Lost Hero
I gave the book 4.5 stars based on good writing and engaging storylines. I’ve always enjoyed Riordan’s writing style, especially how he captures the voice of the narrator. This talent was on display in The Lost Hero, as he rotated the narration between the three main characters. I thought this would lead to some rocky transitions or inconsistent story telling, but it was completely the opposite. The characters came alive for me and kept me so entertained that I kept on reading late into the night.

The other surprise was the book’s plot, as it was really interesting and does a great job setting up the rest of the Heroes of Olympus series. I wasn’t sure how Riordan would be able to revisit this setting and still make the story fresh, but the new characters and seeing the continuing aftereffects of the Titan War made it a fun read. The ending of the novel was well done, closing up the storylines from the book in a satisfying manner, while setting the table for the next book.

If there was one negative about the book, it was that I don’t think we got a complete enough picture of what happened between the end of the Percy Jackson series and The Lost Hero. You do get some information throughout the book, mainly when characters refer to the events of the Titan War or just after. Still, without spoiling it for folks, I think that the lack of information about some of the characters was kind of weird. It’s possible Riordan addresses this throughout the rest of the series, so I didn’t really let it affect my rating.

Who should read The Lost Hero?
The Lost Hero is great Young Adult reading, and its age appropriate for kids age 9 and up. Obviously, fans of the Percy Jackson books will really enjoy this book, but fans of other YA series like Harry Potter or Artemis Fowl will also enjoy it. You also have a chance to check out the first two chapters for free.

If you’ve already read The Lost Hero, what did you think of it? Did you like the new characters? Let me know in the comments.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Hyperion | Pages: 576 | Source: Purchased | Buy on Amazon

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  • Sarah Mullin

    I’m currently reading the Lost Hero and I think it is just as good as Rick Riordan’s other Camp Half-Blood series. I really like the characters I like the characters very much.

  • Silver

    The book was really really good! When the Percy Jackson series ended and I heard that there would be a new storyline, I didn’t seem very enthusiastic about it. But just on a whim I read The Lost Hero, and it blew me away!!! The plot is fantastic, original, and I can’t wait for the Son of Neptune….the title itself sounds…promising..!

  • Jerome

    i would like to ask if the Lost Hero still about Greek Gods?

    • Jose

      Hi Jerome,

      Thank for your question. The books still are about the Greek Gods, but, without giving away any spoilers, there are other mythologies discussed.


      • Jerome

        Thank you
        I am very excited to read it
        I am going to buy one as soon as i see one
        But one more question is Jason, Piper and Leo Demigods?

    • Shantiaford

      its about greek and roman gods because jason grace the son of jupiter which is zues roman name and percy jackson the son of posiden will have to sail to greece and destory gaea. so the second book is called the son of neptune which is posidens roman name.

  • zetty

    I’ve just finished reading the entire book and i must say, i’m slightly disappointed with the fighting scenes and Percy Jackson not showing up! However, I like the whole twist in the story and i am really looking forward for the sequel to meet the new characters, of course.
    Over all, I’ve really enjoyed this book and I’m craving for more!

  • alice

    also enjoyed the lost hero and devoured it in haldf a day. I don’t think i raced through a book as fast as this and PJ and the Last Olympian. In my book, the Percy series is a more enjoyable and funnier read than HP. That being said, as a true blue percy j fan i preferred the 1st person narrative voice than the rotating pov of TLH. And none of the new demi-gods is as engaging a character as percy that’s why most fans have been hankering for more of him. hopefully percy will turn up in the book 2

    • zetty

      Yeah. I totally agree with you. And I’m guessing book 2, The Son of Neptune, will be about PJ at this Roman camp. That makes me excited!

  • dess

    I just finished reading it and I must say I liked it but I am also a little disappointed about the fight scenes. Their quest was not as dangerous as PJ and the gang and they have easy access to food and tools thanks to Leo. I hope Percy will show up in book 2 and I am really excited about it.

  • Kid Zeus

    I just finish the book today and I loved it was just as great as the Red Pryimad(excuse if spelled wrong) and the Percy Jackson and the olympian series.


  • mel

    I really cant wait for the next book. I read the lost hero in 3 in a half days!! when I noticed that Neptune meant Poseiden in Roman then I freaked out that maybe they would meet Pecy but it maybe not

    • dancegal

      I loved the book i read it in one day. I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

  • Johnmichaeltropel

    Can’t wait for the son of neptune which obviously means pj!

  • Mariah Layne

    Does Percy show up in any of the books in The Heroes Of Olympus?????Help a girl out!!!

  • Mariah Layne

    dess- I hope he shows up too!!:D

  • Mariela

    I really LOVE THE BOOK! the magic of Rick Riordan in Writing IS STILL there even he make sequels for hits like Percy Jackson! I FINISHED all his books and i still can’t get enough ! more power !!

  • Shantiaford

    i have read the lost hero twice and i am in love! i read the whole percy jackson series over and over and saw the movie. i cant get enough. i cant wait to read the son of neptune! i know some of the seven half-bloods are percy,jason,leo,piper,frank,and hazel. but i dont know who the other one is cant wait to find out. i am a percy jackson and hero of olympus fan