True Blood Halloween Costumes


Why should children have all the fun when it comes to dressing up for Halloween? Here are some adult Halloween costumes inspired by the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series.

Sookie: What I like about this costume is that it’s fairly easy. Every girl is a blond wig, white shirt and a pair of black shorts away from being our favorite vampire-loving waitress. Put a couple fake bite marks on your neck for some extra authenticity. Also, consider sporting a red wig and going as either Arlene or Jessica.
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Bill: Let’s be honest. The first step to having a great Bill costume this year is to have a great Bill accent. So men please practice your best “Sook-ay” accent before attempting this costume. Bill is a simple dresser so getting the look is easy. Fashion a bottle of true blood using a Sobe bottle for an accessory. Buy The Look Here


Eric: Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, men looking to score the ladies should think about dressing up like Eric Northman. I mean, he’s a viking for good sakes! They should put a guarantee on the box that if you dress up like Eric, you’ll at least get a few phone numbers, don’t you think? If you live in a warm climate, or just want to show off your muscles you can go as ‘black tank top’ Eric. Otherwise I suggest you go as Eric in his classic zip up sweat shirt. Buy The Look Here

Lafayette: This is another costume where the accent will play a huge part. Don’t you dare go out dressing like Lafayette if you can’t stay “Hookuh” properly. You can put on a apron and goes and Larayette at work or you can get glammed out and go as v-dealer Lafayette. Consider filling a small vial up with ketchup for an added accessory.Buy The Look


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