ABC’s CASTLE vs. JD Robb’s IN DEATH Series

I recently mentioned in my Naked Heat review that one of my favorite TV shows is ABC’s Castle, which is about bestselling author Rick Castle and his muse, NYPD homicide detective Kate Beckett. The famous writer tags along with Beckett and her squad as they solve murders, and while he frequently makes a nuisance of himself, he also provides them with valuable insight. The successful show has spawned a series of books written by “Richard Castle” (Heat Wave, Naked Heat).

While I was watching the show Monday night, I was also on my laptop looking at the book trailer for JD Robb’s Indulgence in Death, and it suddenly occurred to me—Eve Dallas = Kate Beckett. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but there are definitely a few similarities between the In Death series and Castle. Kate looks a lot like how I picture Eve, and I think the banter between her and Castle is really similar to that between Eve and Roarke. No wonder I like this show so much!

I can’t believe it took me so long to realize the connection between In Death and Castle (duh!). Jose always refers to the show as Murder, She Wrote and I’ve also heard people compare it to Moonlighting, but never In Death. Now that I’ve noticed it, it’s like I’m seeing the show in a whole new light, and I can’t stop comparing the two. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Eve Dallas vs. Kate Beckett
Eve Dallas is described as a tall, thin woman in her thirties with whiskey colored eyes and short, tawny brown hair. Sounds a lot like Stana Katic, right?

Both are homicide detectives with the NYPD.

Eve Dallas became a police officer as a way to deal with the horrific abuse and violence of her childhood; Kate Beckett became a police officer as a way to deal with her mother’s murder.

Due to their pasts, both have the ability to empathize with victims and the need to stand for the dead.

Both are stubborn and fiercely independent.

And both partner with sexy male civilians, which leads me to…

Richard Castle vs. Roarke
While I love Richard Castle, I’ll be the first to admit that he’s no Roarke. He lacks Roarke’s dangerous quality and mysterious background (not to mention his lovely Irish accent and long hair). But the two men do share a few of the same qualities:

Both have a roguish charm that makes ladies swoon and men want to be their buddy.

Both have a thing for gadgets.

Both are rich and famous (although, unlike Roarke, Castle doesn’t own half the planet).

Castle and Roarke both use their fame and numerous connections to assist on homicide cases.

Roarke keeps Eve’s Auto Chef stocked with high quality coffee; Castle provides Beckett’s squad with espresso.

So what similarities between Castle and In Death have you noticed? Please feel free to add them in the comments!

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  • Xenos

    Loved this article! Though I’ve never made a Castle/In Death connection before (love both by the way), I’ve always thought Stana would make an excellent Eve. And now that you point it out, there are some striking similarities between the two. (No wonder I love Kate and Eve.) Roarke, however, will always be a
    young Pierce Brosnan to me (the late Remington Steele through pre-Bond days)…Tall, lanky, incredible blue eyes, long dark hair, Irish accent and sexy as hell. (I love Nathan/Richard Castle, too, but I can’t see Nathan as Roarke.)

    Thanks for posting this, Kristen! You’ve made my day!

    • Kristen

      Xenos – Thanks for your kind words! It’s nice hearing from another fan of both Castle and In Death :)

  • Mary

    So happy to find your article! Just yesterday a friend who’s a BIG Castle fan was telling me she wished there was a book series similar to Castle. I immediately thought of J.D. Robb’s Dallas books, and was telling her a lot of the same points you’ve just made! I just gave her this link, and I thank you for the reinforcement!

    • Kristen

      Mary, that’s awesome! I think your friend will love the In Death books :)

  • Jahna

    Aside from Katic’s physical similarity to Eve(I could also see Jennifer Garner or 300’s Lena Headey as Eve), I could not disagree with you more. The chemistry and their interaction with each other is all different. Where Eve and Roarke are in sync on deep physical and emotional level, I don’t see that at all with the two on Castle. Eve and Roarke both have a darkness and an edge that they recognize in the other. Also, I can see Gerard Butler as Roarke–I always picture him when I’m reading.

  • Leonieke Aalders

    Was directed to your post today in a comment to my own blog post on the similarities between Dallas and Beckett – great minds think alike, I guess!

    • Anonymous

      Leonieke – ha ha, that they do! I’m off to check out your post :)

      • Leonieke Aalders

        Seems that after reading your post, whenever I read a JD Robb description of Eve Dallas I now picture Season 1 Kate Beckett 😉

  • guest1

    No way. In Death is brilliant!

  • Nellie

    Well interestingly enough I’m a huge ‘In Death’ series fan….but I only just watched the first episode of Castle and as soon as I saw Kate i was like OMG that looks like Eve Dallas…well how I imagine Eve to look…and as the show progressed I was like there are quite a few similarities and I started to wonder if Castle was somehow linked to the books and I googled it and this is when I found this page….so I’ll keep watching and report the similarities but I do agree Castle is dfinitely not Roarke for starters Roarke is not annoying and Castle can be a bit…but as i said this is early days so I’ll see how it progress! :)

  • Sharon Panas

    I’ve been confused as to why the comparisons between the two aren’t more prevalent from the get go :). Maybe (tongue in cheek here) fewer people than I realize read as well as watch tv? :) There are striking similarities, but there are more. While no one is Delia or McNab, wouldn’t you say that there was a parallel of sorts between Capt Feeney and Capt Montgomery? And having Capt Montgomery be involved in a cover up sure made me think of the first book where the police commissioner(?) ends up being dirty. There’s more but I don’t want to clog up your comments :) Though I’m writing this well into the series, I didn’t think the chemistry between Fillion and Stanic was going to carry the show. I’m glad to say I was wrong. But I was looking for Eve and Rourke and while Nathan Fillion has a lot of flair and I almost feel like a traitor saying so because I really enjoy his body of work, he just isn’t… Rourke.

  • shaivalini

    after watching just 3-4 episodes , i could notice the similarities and then i decided to find out if my assumption was true or not. I actually thought castle must hv been based on the actual stories of jd robb , but it is not the case but anyway your article really helped me in proving my point to myself…. so i m glad that i m not the only one who find two of them similar . I would also like to thank u for confirming my assumption

  • Joe

    Wow, old article, still found it, and wanted to point some similarities I found.
    First off, Eve Dallas? Described as a no nonsense, pixie cut, 5 foot 9 slim figure who is much too good looking to be a cop. (Kate Beckett, Season 1. Hands down.)

    Roarke and Castle? 6 foot something, blue eyes.

    Then there is Castle’s name itself. Castle. An odd choice?
    Go read Naked In Heat, meet the 3rd victim, one Georgie Castle. An aspiring writer who moved to New York City to get published.

    Then read the 5th book. The plot line? To quote our Detective Kate Beckett: “Right out of Hell Hath No Fury”. It’s literally angry wiccans out for blood.

    I’m only just starting the 5th book, so I haven’t picked up any similarities, or possibly have forgetten a few, but still. I love how many references Castle may have used in it’s show xD

    People often say that Beckett and Castles relationship is different than Eve and Roarkes, and they’d be correct. Caskett took forever to get where they were, and had to work hard to overcome each obstacle.

    Eve and Roarke were on each other from the start (Very similar to our favorite fictional characters created by our favorite fictional author, Nikki Heat and Rook, who are also instantly on each other.)