Author D.J. Britt to Attempt Feat of “Literary Insanity”

Author D.J. Britt has set a high goal for himself over the course of the next year. The writer plans to complete 24 three-day novels within a one year period.

Britt’s quest will take him through nearly 2,400 pages over the next year as he looks to complete 24 separate three-day novels. By his own rules, each novel must be started and completed within a 72 hour period. If he cannot finish a project within the 72 hour period, it will be disqualified from his tally.

Britt’s project is just the latest gauntlet thrown down by a writer. November marked the start of National Novel Writing Month, a month in which authors have been challenged to complete a 50,000 word novel before the month is over.

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  • DJ Britt

    Thanks for the post about my project. Just one little correction. I’m afraid I’ll only be writing 2,400 pages in a year, not 24,000! (A hundred pages an entry is the average suggested by the good folk at the 3-Day Novel Writing Contest.)

    I’m off and running now. My second entry was finished this past weekend. Please check it out at:

    Thanks so much!

    DJ Britt

    • Eric

      Oops, sorry. I fixed that. Good luck on the challenge!

    • djbritt

      Thanks for making that correction, Eric. The second entry in my marathon was completed last weekend. Those interested can check it out in the library at My next entry will take place live at the site, beginning 7:00 a.m. Eastern on Friday, November 26.

      Take Care,

      DJ Britt

  • Don_britt
    • don britt

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the continuing coverage. My journey is a third of the way to completion now, with eight stories in the tank. It’s turning into quite the wild ride. You covered my story at the outset, when no one was watching. It’s much appreciated.



  • Don_britt

    Hi Eric, just an update on my project. I am now well past the half way point.  I have written two of my novels in two Chapters locations and one on stage at  West Edmonton Mall.  I have also published my full length horror novel Cambrian through Kobo books.  I am including a link to its first review.

  • Edwina The Burner

    Art as video workout? LOL!