Chillean Miners’ Story To Be Told in 33 MEN

Journalist Jonathan Franklin has landed a book deal for 33 Men, the story of the recently rescued Chilean miners. Putnam will publish the hardcover in February 2011, followed by a paperback version one year later.

Franklin is an American journalist, but he is fluent in Spanish and has lived in Chile for 15 years. He began to follow this story from the day the miners were first trapped underground on August 5th. For a month, he lived on a Chilean hillside that was the nerve center of the entire rescue operation. While the men were still underground, Mr. Franklin interviewed them via a makeshift telephone from above ground. When the first miners were rescued on October 13th, Mr. Franklin had the first media contact with the recently released men in a series of interviews from inside the field hospital.

“While 2,000 journalists were locked behind police lines, my ‘Rescue Team’ pass enabled me to experience up close the final six weeks of this miracle rescue. It was my honor to watch the drama unfold in its many moments of beauty and courage and comedy; and to see, first-hand, the profound unity that made this operation succeed.”

33 Men will focus not only on the miners but on the rescue workers integral to keeping the miners alive — from the drill operator (an American from Colorado) to the lead doctor and the lead psychologist to the miners’ family members. Franklin also examines what led 33 men to work in a copper mine where workers were regularly crushed and killed but drew salaries nearly double the local norm.

Based on more than 75 interviews with miners, their families, and the rescue team, 33 Men is the story of miners struggling to survive in one of the longest human entrapments ever.

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