Fable – A Color eReader For Kids

Children’s picture books seem to be the next hot ebook market. Barnes & Noble is pursuing the kids’ book market with their recently unveiled Nook Color, and now there is Fable, a new color ereader specifically designed for children.

Fable is a joint project by Isabella Products and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and it’s more like an iPad than a Kindle. It has a 7″ LCD touchscreen and will run on Google’s Android operating system.

In addition to reading books on the Fable ereader, children can also draw, play games, and take and share photos. Parental control options will allow children to only communicate and share with people they’ve approved.

According to the Boston Globe, Fable will be priced between $149 and $179. It will have wireless connectivity and they’re looking to price the cellular data service at about $5/month. Books are expected to cost between 99 cents and $3.99.

“Isabella Products is excited to bring to market the first children’s tablet aimed at creating a learning experience unrivaled by today’s toys and e-Reader products,” said Matthew I. Growney, Founder and CEO of Isabella Products. “We believe Fable will safely and securely usher in some of the youngest users to a digital learning environment, and with HMH’s extensive list of award-winning children’s titles, we will design a superior digital content experience.”

Fable is expected to be available in mid 2011 through VizitMe.com and select retailers.

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