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Prix Goncourt 2010 Goes To Michel Houellebecq

La Carte et Le Territoire

Author Michel Houellebecq won the Prix Goncourt, the top literary prize in France [2] on Monday. The bestselling author is well known for his inflammatory writings and comments regarding women and Islam.

Houellebecq won the elusive award with his latest title, “La Carte et Le Territoire. [3]” The title translates to mean “The Map and the Territory.” The book is part murder mystery and part commentary on the decline of France in the post-industrial era. Although not among his most inflammatory works, Houellebecq refers to France as nothing more than a theme park for Russian and Chinese tourists.

Houellebecq’s previous works have been littered with sexual situations and derogatory opinions about women and the religion of Islam. In a 2002 magazine interview, he referred to Islam as a “stupid” religion.