THE KANE CHRONICLES 2 Release Date Announced

Rick Riordan announced on his official blog and Twitter that the next installment of the Kane Chronicles series will come out on May 3, 2011. This is around the same time of year as the first book in the series, The Red Pyramid, was released this year. The Kane Chronicles follow Sadie and Carter Kane as they battle Egyptian gods in an attempt to save their father. Riordan also mentions that the second Kane Chronicles book will have a new Egyptian god that is his favorite ever.

If you’re interested in the Kane Chronicles, you can get a sneak peak of the first chapter of The Red Pyramid at The Kane Chronicle site. You can also check out our review from earlier this year.

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  • Movies798

    Finally the second book got a release date and a little synopsis. I can’t wait to read it and I hope Carter finds Zia

  • Dj

    come go faster.

  • I<3books

    When’s the third book coming out? ANSWER ME PLEASE!!!

    • Anonymous

      Here’s the answer from Rick Riordan’s blog:
      “Kane Chronicles Book 3 — I’ve finished the manuscript and it is
      now in the editing process. The book will be out on time, May 2012. I
      can’t tell you the title yet. We will announce that, reveal the cover
      and give you the exact release date in a few months, probably in
      January. Stay tuned for more info.”